Catherine Astolfo

image Catherine has always been a writer. She can recall writing stories for her classmates in Grade Three. Much later, her short stories and poems were published in a number of small Canadian presses.

The day after retiring from education, she started finishing her books.

The Emily Taylor Mysteries (The Bridgeman, Victim, Legacy, Seventh Fire) centre around an elementary school principal who becomes a reluctant sleuth through various circumstances. She has a dark past, the details of which are not revealed until Book Four. The series is published by Imajin Books.

Don Graves said this about the series and Catherine’s writing: “When I reviewed your novel, Victim, I told my readers that I had discovered an exciting writer with a poignant capacity to tell a story full of energy and passion. Description, dialogue, plotting, all developed with the skill of a seasoned mystery writer. Victim made my top 10 books for 2007. I recently read Legacy. It solidified my feeling that you are a writer in for the long haul.”

Sweet KarolineCatherine’s latest novel from Imajin Books is Sweet Karoline, a psychological suspense in the vein of “Gone Girl”.

Catherine continues to write short stories as well. In 2012, she won the prestigious Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Short Story in Canada, for “What Kelly Did”. She’s also a Brampton Arts Award winner.

Catherine is a Past President of Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) and is a member of Sisters in Crime (Toronto). She’s a recipient of the Derrick Murdoch Award for service to CWC.

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5 Responses to Catherine Astolfo

  1. I love to read your books. I can’t wait for the next one.

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