Caro Soles


Caro Soles wrote an opera when she was 10. It was short. In the ‘60’s she wrote two musicals and a few other stage pieces. She took part in protest marches and gave up Paarl sherry and California grapes. With several degrees under her belt, she taught French and Spanish in universities, community colleges, a few private schools and collegiates. Her only regret is that she didn’t have much time for free love.

In the ‘70’s, she went all domestic, got married, had two kids, acquired two dogs and threw great dinner parties. In the ‘80’s, she organized fundraising events, did media relations work and sat on the Board of Directors of the AIDS Committee of Toronto. She also marched in the early Gay Pride Day Parades, and had her first novel accepted for publication.

Mesdames Caro Drag Queen
In the 90s, she wrote a serialized soap opera under another name. She gave up trying to write Harlequins and turned out a gay S&M adventure instead, thus becoming a hot item in gay male erotica circles. Five novels, four anthologies and a short story collection later, along came the dreaded writers’ block. So Caro organized The Bloody Words Mystery Conference. Thus energized, she wrote her first mystery– The Tangled Boy. Her next, Drag Queen in the Court of Death was short listed for a Lambda Literary Award.

In 1989, Caro switched from teaching languages to teaching creative writing. Now that her students could understand her jokes, the classroom was much more jolly. She has taught courses in Seneca College, George Brown College and Berkeley University, and given workshops at such varied places as the OutWrite Conference in Boston and the Tool Box Leather Bar in Toronto.

Caro’s work has been shortlisted for the Lambda Literary Award, The Aurora Award and the Stoker Award.

No longer teaching, Caro devotes herself to reading, writing and dachshunds. Her first historical mystery, A FRIEND OF MR. NIJINSKY, was published in 2017. Her latest opus is PEOPLE LIKE US, coming out in the spring of 2018.


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