Jane Petersen Burfield

Jane Petersen BurfieldKilling someone softly with words is greatly appealing to a North Toronto matron like Jane. After raising three wonderful daughters in a 4th generation family home, she is ready for more adventure. Finding a way to use fashion, vegetables and small animals in her stories to bring about justice, albeit rough justice, is her challenge.

To her utter amazement, Jane won the Bony Pete Short Story Award in 2001 for “Slow Death and Taxes”, the first short story she wrote. After several more years of success with the Bloody Words story contest, she decided writing was a misery-making but delightful challenge. She has had short stories published in Blood on the Holly and Bloody Words, the Anthology.

Jane is honoured to be a member of Mesdames of Mayhem, and looks forward to the creative buzz that comes from an association of women writers. She hopes you enjoy her story about a woman creating her own justice.

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