Catherine Dunphy

Catherine DunphyA National Newspaper Award winner for feature writing, Catherine Dunphy was a staff writer at The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, for more than 25 years.

She is the author of Morgentaler, A Difficult Hero, which was nominated for the prestigious Governor General’s Award in 1997. As well, she has written two books of young adult fiction related to the much-heralded Canadian television series, Degrassi High, which has been shown throughout the world.

She has also written screenplays for the Canadian television series, Riverdale, as well as created a four-part CBC radio mystery series called Fallaway Ridge. She currently writes for magazines and teaches print journalism and magazine writing at Ryerson University in Toronto.

In case you are wondering,she hates having her picture taken – and has always been a mystery reader/addict.


2 Responses to Catherine Dunphy

  1. Lynne Kent says:

    Love this woman!

  2. Margaret Cherry says:

    This email is for Cathy Dunphy. What is the best way to contact her.
    The last time we saw each other was in 1982 in Toronto my husband Walter and I with our three year old daughter Marisa took some photos at her house in the beaches area of Toronto. I knew Cathy because of a mutual acquaintance Liz Randal.

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