Lynne Murphy

Lynne MurphyLynne Murphy read her first mystery when she was about eight. It was “The Secret in the Old Well” by Carolyn Keene and she has been addicted ever since.

She studied journalism at Carleton University and worked as a reporter on the now defunct “Ottawa Journal” and then as an editor for CBC Radio News. (It was in the sixties and Lynne was the first woman editor they ever hired.) It was there she learned to “write tight”.

Lynne has sold articles through the years, but “The Troublemaker” in the Sisters in Crime anthology The Whole She-Bang is her first published work of fiction.

In 1992 Lynne helped found the Toronto Chapter of Sisters in Crime and is proud that it continues to thrive.

Her major indulgence is travel.

3 Responses to Lynne Murphy

  1. Cynthia Parr says:

    I so enjoyed your story “Saving Bessie’s Worms”! It’s hilarious! We met at “And Then There Were None” on Sunday. Sounded like the Ennisclaire might be the venue!

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