Kevin Thornton

Kevin ThorntonKevin Thornton lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the town that burned down in 2016.

It wasn’t his fault. It is a place chiefly known for being cold. How cold? It’s so cold that Fahrenheit and Celsius often meet at minus forty and say to each other, “We have to stop doing this”.

Kevin writes poetry and short stories that are published and read by dozens of people, and books that are not. Nevertheless he has been a finalist in the Crime Writers of Canada awards seven times, and was honoured with the Literature ‘Buffy’ award in his hometown.

Kevin is or has been a member of the Crime Writers Association, the Edmonton Poetry Festival, the International Thriller Writers, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, and the Crime Writers of Canada. He is also the only overseas member of the KEYS, the Catholic Writers Guild founded in 1933 in London by two gentlemen called Gilbert Chesterton and Ronald Knox.

He studied at one of those universities that had two Nobel Laureates in Literature on the staff. It didn’t seem to do much good.

Kevin now works as a writer and editor, having been a contractor for the Canadian military, a soldier in Africa and a worker of such peripatetic habits that he is now on his fourth continent and his many-eth country.

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