Happy New Year


The Mesdames and Messieurs of Mayhem had a fabulous year in 2021 in print and cyberspace.

We accomplished so much the past year that once again our annual review is in two parts. Part One tells you about the recognitions we received and lists our book and story publications. Part Two outlines our appearances in cyberspace plus our new social media ventures.

Hope the joke 2020, 2020-WON and 2020-TOO stays a joke! And that we’ll be seeing you in the Real World soon in the New Year.

Great News for 2022!

Donna Carrick

We’re delighted to confirm that the Mesdames of Mayhem’s fifth anthology, The Spirit of 13, will be published in 2022 by Carrick Publishing, Donna Carrick is our editor.

Spirit means ghosts or debunking of same, demons, joie de vivre, alcohol- whatever our wild imaginations brew up.

Stayed tuned for our cover reveal and publication date later this year!

Awards and Recognitions!

Jayne Barnard
Jayne Barnard

Jayne Barnard edited Sisters in Crime West’s first anthology, Crime Wave with author Karen L. Abrahamson.

Why the Rock Falls

It was a great debut: “Cold Wave”, by Marcelle Dube won the Crime Writers of Canada Best Short Story Award for 2021. And the novella, Salty Dog Blues, by Winona Kent, was a finalist for the CWC Best Novella Award.

And Jayne’s thriller, Why the Rock Falls had a warm review by CBC’s Anne Logan.

Melodie Campbell
Melodie Campbell

Melodie Campbell signed a contract with Cormorant Books for her new mystery series, The Merry Widow Murders, set in the 1920s.

She’s also a regularly featured author on leading crime fiction blog, Sleuthsayers. And she wrote the foreword to Crime Wave!

Cormorant Books
Lisa de Nikolits
Lisa De Nikolits

Lisa De Nikolits‘s dystopian thriller, The Rage Room, was a finalist for the 2021 International Book Awards for Science Fiction.

Rage Room has received terrific reviews on Good Reads and the Miramichi Reader among many other review sites.

The Rage Room
Cat Mills
Cat Mills

Cat Mills was a finalist for Best International Director at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival – for the wonderful documentary she made about us, The Mesdames of Mayhem!

And yes, that’s Melbourne, Australia!

Madona Skaff

Madona Skaff’s thriller, Death by Association, the second book in the Naya series, was listed as one of the Best Books of 2020 by Jamieson Wolf.

Death by Association
Caro Soles

Caro Soles‘ historical novel, Dancing with the Chairs in the Music House (Inanna Publications) won the Bronze Medal in the IPPY Awards, Canada East Best Regional Fiction.

Dancing with Chairs in the Music House
Kevin Thornton
Kevin Thornton

Congratulations are due to Kevin Thornton for his NINE short story acceptances in 2021. That’s more than 70,000 words, the length of a novel!

Sylvia Warsh
Sylvia Warsh

Sylvia Warsh‘s story, “Days Without Name”, was a finalist for the CWC 2021 Awards of Excellence for Best Short Story. “Days Without Name” was published in the anthology, A Grave Diagnosis, Donna Carrick, editor (Carrick Publishing)

Melissa Yi

Melissa Yi’s gripping thriller, Scorpion Scheme, was a finalist for Best Thriller at the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion 2021 Awards and listed as one of the Best Books of 2020 by Jamieson Wolf.

Scorpion Scheme

Big congratulations are due to Melissa for her SIX story acceptances in 2021. Plus she was a winner in the International Thriller Writers Best First Sentence contest.

Melissa accomplished all this while working as an emergency physician during COVID. She is our hero!!

Published Books and Stories!

COVID did not keep the Mesdames and Messieurs down. Indeed 2021 proved to be an amazingly successful year for us with the publication of FIVE new novels and 17 short stories and essays. In addition, we re-released SEVEN of our earlier novels and had SEVEN of our short stories reprinted.

For full details on our recent publications, see our Year End Book Review for 2021.

Catherine Astolfo

The Grand Art of Murder is Cathy Astolfo’s latest thriller (Moe Publications).

Cathy also re-released her Emily Taylor mystery, The Bridgeman plus two of her hilarious Chittendom stories, Twice the Chit.

Rosemary Aubert
Rosemary Aubert

Rosemary Aubert‘s new novel is September, the love story of an older couple (Westwood Books Publishing). The beautiful cover is a painting by her husband, artist Douglas Purdon.

Jayne Barnard
Jayne Barnard

Jayne Barnard re-released three books in her critically acclaimed YA steampunk series, the Maddie Hatter Adventures, Deadly Diamond, Gilded Gauge and Timely Taffeta (Clockworks and Crime Media).

MH Callway

M. H. Callway‘s short story, “The Moon God of Broadmoor”
appeared in the well-received anthology, Moonlight and Misadventure, editor Judy Penz Sheluk, (Superior Shores Press).

Her story, “Incompetence Kills”, first published in EFD 1: Starship Goodwords (Carrick Publishing), was reprinted in the 2021 BOULD anthology.

Melodie Campbell
Melodie Campbell

Melodie Campbell released the first two books in her historical fantasy Rowena series on Audible: Rowena Through the Wall and Rowena and the Dark Lord.

Lisa de Nikolits
Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa De Nikolits‘s critically acclaimed, The Rage Room, is now available on Audible.

The Rage Room
Blair Keetch
Blair Keetch

Blair Keetch‘s story, “Killings 4 Sale”, is part of the black humor anthology, Asinine Assassins (Smart Rhino Publishing). And his story, “200 Miles to Murder” was published by Dark and Stormy Book Club.

Rosemary McCracken
Rosemary McCracken

Rosemary McCracken‘s suspense story, “The Passenger”, was published in Mystery Weekly Magazine, one of North America’s leading zines for short crime fiction.

Madona Skaff
Madona Skaff

Madona Skaff’s speculative fiction crossover mystery, Shifting Trust, was published by Renaissance Press. The striking cover was designed by her daughter.

Caro Soles
Caro Soles

Caro Soles’s latest speculative fiction crossover mystery, The Colony Dancers, was published by Mystique Press. It is the fifth book in the Merculian Mystery Series featuring Inspector Marlo.

Kevin Thornton
Kevin Thornton

Kevin Thornton’s story, “One Good Thing”, is one of the hilarious tales in the anthology, Asinine Assassins. And he sold eight Sherlock Holmes stories. Six were published in 2021 (MX Publishing), two are scheduled for 2022. For a full listing of Kevin’s Sherlock Holmes stories, please see our Year End Book Review.

Sylvia Warsh
Sylvia Warsh

Sylvia Warsh sold her suspense story, “The Natural Order of Things” to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine for publication in 2022.

Her essay, “Recreating the Past” appeared in the Mystery Readers International Journal.

Two of Sylvia’s short stories were reprinted: “Family Values” in the 2021 BOULD Awards and “The German Credit” in What We Talk About When We Talk About It. (Dark House Books).

Melissa Yi

Melissa Yi had an incredible year. Her ninth Hope Sze mystery, White Lightning, was published in December (Windtree Press) and she still found time to publish five short stories

Here’s the list: “Dead Man’s Hand” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine; “Flamingo Flamenco” in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine; “The Three Little Prigs” in Burly Tales; “The Bao Queen” in Food of My People; and “Catgirl, Heart and Skin” in Artificial Divide. Her story, “Humans ‘n’ Hot Dogs” was reprinted in both Amazing Stories and Speculative North magazines.

And we wouldn’t be here without….

Marilyn Kay

A huge thank you and big hugs to Marilyn Kay and Roz Place for their hard work updating the world about the Mesdames and Messieurs throughout the year!

Rosalind Place
Roz Place
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Dear Readers It’s a Brand New Year!

New Year Kitten

Our Mesdames and Messieurs are already hard at work to bring you a new anthology later this year. And we look forward to a year of new publications, webinars and other events each month, beginning with Donna Carrick’s webinar on short story writing.


Blair Keetch

Congratulations to Blair Keetch. His Flash Fiction story “Glimmers” appeared in the online magazine Shotgun Honey on December 23rd.

Congrats to Melodie Campbell. Her sci-fi noir story,” A Ship Called Pandora”, was reprinted and featured on the cover of Black Cat Weekly Magazine Issue 14.

Melodie Campbell
Melodie Campbell
Lisa de Nikolits

Check out Lisa de Nikolits‘s latest blog post, “Goodbye to 2021! What I’m looking forward to in 2022!” on Goodreads. In the post, she gives you a sneak preview of her upcoming book Everything You Dream is Real, which is a sequel to her latest book, Rage Room. She also shares an interview she had with Chapters4Change about Rage Room.

A friendly reminder about our December books now available on Amazon:

September by Rosemary Aubert

September by Rosemary Aubert, available on kindle.

Rosemary Aubert
Rosemary Aubert

Shifting Trust by Madona Skaff-Koren, available on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

Madona Skaff
Madona Skaff

White Lightning: Prohibition and Predators. by Melissa Yi, (Melissa Yuan-Innes) Book 9 of the Hope Sze series. Available on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

Melissa Yi


Donna Carrick is giving a webinar in the Crime Writers of Canada 40th Anniversary Webinar Series. Donna will speak about Short Story Writing on January 18th, 7 pm EST. The webinar is FREE to professional and associate members of CWC. One of the many benefits the CWC provides to its Professional and Associate members is access to the Webinar Series Archive. Emerging and established writers can access an amazing array of topics from Medical Mystery Mistakes (Mme Melissa Yi) to poisonous plants to talking with a real-world detective. 

New Resource for Writers of Historical Mysteries

Attention all authors of historical mysteries: a new resource is available through the website, A Curiosity of Crime, created by Toronto writer and editor, Kerry Cathers. Kerry earned her doctorate in medieval warfare from the University of Reading. Mme Rosemary McCracken has an in-depth interview with Kerry on her blog, Moving Target.

Rosemary McCracken

Also, check out Rosemary‘s latest post on Shelley Workinger’s blog, But What Are They Eating? It will make your mouth water. Not only that, but it also provides a glimpse into Rosemary‘s time as a food critic for the Calgary Herald.

July-August Kittens with computer and books

Friendly reminder that submissions to the Derringer Short Story Awards are now open, deadline January 31st. You must be a member of the Short Mystery Fiction Society to submit a story. If you are not a member, a friend who is a member may submit your story for you. For the complete submission rules, check out: The Short Mystery Fiction Society Blog: Derringer Awards Policy (2018)


Stay tuned for Wow What a Year, the Mesdames’ round-up of their highlights in 2021!

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Honoring Betty White

Wonderful thoughts from a wonderful, inspiring lady!

Joanne Guidoccio

Betty White passed away on Friday, less than three weeks away from celebrating her 100th birthday. Actress, comedienne, author, and animal rights activist, she is one of Hollywood’s most beloved icons. Best known for her roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, Ms. White had a television career that spanned more than eight decades. In the 2014 edition of “Guinness World Records” she was certified as the longest ever female entertainer.

My favorite quotations from Betty White:

Butterflies are like women — we may look pretty and delicate, but baby, we can fly through a hurricane.

In my head, I’m the ultimate cougar. Animal lover that I am.

I just make it my business to get along with people so I can have fun. It’s that simple.

The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.

Retirement is not in my vocabulary. They…

View original post 158 more words

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Happy Holidays, Dear Readers!

What better way to enjoy December than to snuggle up with a terrific new book!

The Mesdames and Messieurs of Mayhem are serving up a banquet of goodies: cozy crime, thrillers, whodunnits, noir, Sherlockania, romance and speculative fiction. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!


Thirteen, an anthology of Crime Stories
13 o'clock anthology

13 Claws Anthology
In the Key of 13 Anthology


The Colony Dancers (The Merculians)
SF / Crime
The Grand Art of Murder
The Rage Room
SF / Thriller
Romance – Coming Soon
Shifting Trust
SF / Thriller
Uncharted Waters (Pat Tierney thriller)

What You Take With You
White Lightning
Historical Thriller
Why the Rock Falls (The Falls Mysteries)
Outdoor Thriller
Death by Association
Mystery thriller


The Maddie Hatter Steam Punk Series

Deadly Diamond (Maddie Hatter)
Gilded Gauge (Maddie Hatter)
Timely Taffeta (Maddie Hatter)

More Series Favorites

The Bridgeman (Emily Taylor Mystery)
Rowena Through the Wall
Now on Audible!

Amazing Anthologies

Asinine Assassins Anthology
Stories by Blair Keetch and Kevin Thornton
Artificial Divide Anthology
Story by Melissa Yi

BOULD Awards Short Story Anthology
Stories by M. H. Callway and Sylvia Warsh
Burly Tales Anthology
Story by Melissa Yi
Food of My People Anthology
Story by Melissa Yi
Moonlight & Misadventure Anthology
Story by M. H. Callway
Crime Wave Anthology
Story by Jayne Barnard
What We Talk About When We Talk About It Vol 2
Story by Sylvia Warsh
A Grave Diagnosis Anthology
Stories by many of us!

For Fans of Sherlock Holmes

All with Stories by Kevin Thornton

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (1897-1928)
Sherlock Holmes: After the East Wind Blows Part 1
Sherlock Holmes: After the East Wind Blows Part 2
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (1889-1897)
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (1877-1887)
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (1895-1903)

Mayhem in Magazines!

Story by Melissa Yi
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine March/April 2021
Story by Melissa Yi
Amazing Stories Summer 2021
Stpry by Melissa Yi
Mystery Weekly Magazine Aug 25 2o21
Story by Rosemary McCracken
Mystery Readers Journal Historical Mysteries II
Essay by Sylvia Warsh
Speculative North Magazine Issue 4
Story by Melissa Yi
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Happy Holidays, Dear Readers!

Wow! This past year has been a rollercoaster of book launches, short story publications and online events for our Mesdames and Messieurs And December is no exception. But in between the flurry of activities, we are taking time for our loved ones during this season of merriment and goodwill. We wish you too will find peace, love and hope among you and yours. And, of course, time to put up your feet and read some books.


Big congrats to Melissa Yi for her new thriller, White Lightning, which launches on December 1st at 7:30 p.m.

Melissa Yi

Melodie Campbell

Mega congrats to Melodie Campbell for her contract with Cormorant Books for her new series, The Merry Widow Murders, set in the roaring 1920s. An unconventional heiress with a mysterious past is traveling from New York to London in 1928 via steamship when she discovers a murdered man in her stateroom. Can’t wait to read it!

On a thought-provoking note: Melodie goes serious and writes a compelling blog about violence against women in crime fiction. Here’s the link: SleuthSayers: How Much Violence Against Women can YOU Read in your Fiction?

Congrats to Kevin Thornton for his terrific success in publishing NINE Sherlock Holmes stories in 2021 plus his tale, “One Good Thing”, in Asinine Assassins. That’s a word count of more than 70,000! Here’s the complete list for all readers who are secret – or not so secret – Bootmakers: list follows:

Kevin Thornton

Asinine Assassins, “One Good Thing”. Note: Blair Keetch’s story ‘Killings 4 Sale’ is also in this anthology.

Sherlock Holmes, After the East Wind Blows, Part I, “The Odd Telegram’.

Sherlock Holmes, After the East Wind Blows, Part III, “The Odd Event”.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part XXII, 1877 – 1887 Some More Untold Cases – “The Dundas Separation Case”. 

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part XXIV, 1895 – 1903 Some More Untold Cases – “The Murdered Millionaire”. 

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part XXX, More Christmas Adventures – “Christmas Magic”

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part XXX, More Christmas Adventures – “Santa’s Little Elves”. 

Sherlock Holmes: A Year of Mystery 1882 – “The Spofforth Effect” COMING SOON! – Belanger Books

The Nefarious Villains of Sherlock Holmes, Volume II – “The Adventure of the Lustreless Client” COMING SOON! – Belanger Books


December 7tth, 7 p.m. CWC Ottawa / Eastern Ontario Region, is hosting a Facebook Event with Perfect Books on Elgin StreetMadona Skaff joins Mary Jane Maffini and other great local crime writers to read from her latest book, Shifting Trust.

Here is the link to join:

Madona Skaff

Join Madona Skaff on Saturday, December 11th from 4 to 6 p.m. for a celebration of the holidays and new releases from Renaissance Press. As part of the festivities, readings and prizes, Madona will read from her latest book, Shifting Trust. To join the fun, register at Eventbrite.

Shifting Trust and other Renaissance release

Lisa de Nikolits has an interview with Chapters4Change on December 8th. You can catch the interview on the Chapters4Change Interview page.

Lisa de Nikolits

She is also reading from her latest book, Rage Room, on December 21st at Hirut Cafe, Danforth just west of Woodbine as part of the Bright Lit, Big City Reading Series.

The Rage Room

The CWC / SinC holiday party on Zoom on Saturday, Dec 11th at 7 pm EST. Fun, Pub Quiz and prizes. For members of CWC and SinC only.


December 15th is the submission deadline for the CWC Awards of Excellence.

December 31st is the submission deadline for the CWC 40th Anniversary Anthology, Cool Canadian Crime

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SECOND GREAT NEWS FLASH! Melodie Campbell Signs Book Deal with Cormorant Books!

Melodie Campbell
Melodie Campbell

Mega Congratulations to Mme Melodie Campbell, our Queen of Comedy, who just signed with Cormorant Books to publish her new book, The Merry Widow Murders. Mel thanks Marc Cote at Cormorant and Brenna English-Loeb at Transatlantic Agency.

In the Merry Widow Murders, An unconventional heiress with a mysterious past traveling from New York to London in 1928 via steamship, discovers a murdered man in her stateroom on their first night at sea.

We Mesdames and Monsieurs can’t wait to read it!

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NEWS FLASH! Melissa Yi’s Speakeasy Book Launch, December 1st, 7:30 pm

Melissa Yi

Big congrats to Mme Melissa Yi for her new book,  White Lightning, a Prohibition-inspired thriller.

On December 1st at 7:30 ET, you’re invited to join Melissa’s virtual speakeasy launch party. Artisan distiller, Nathalie Gamache of Gin*Eco*Logic will teach you how to mix a cocktail called the Corpse Reviver #2. Vintage 1920’s clothes optional but encouraged and cheered.

Register here:

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Happy November Cat

Happy November, Dear Readers!

New stories, ventures in the online world and events await you and our Mesdames and Messieurs.


Melodie Campbell

Congrats to Melodie Campbell who is now a featured author on SleuthSayers blog every month.

Check out her latest post, “Wanna Be A Paperback Writer? The Truth About Author Incomes” at SleuthSayers.

M. H. Callway’s and Sylvia Warsh’s stories will appear in the 2021 BOULD Awards Anthology. The anthology is available on Kindle now. Edited by Jake Devlin. Anthologies from previous years are available on Amazon. BOULD stands for Bold, Outrageous, Unfettered, Limitless and Daring.

Rosemary Aubert

Rosemary Aubert’s novel, September, is a love story about a couple in their senior years. The 2021 publication date TBA shortly.


Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa De Nikolits’ now biweekly podcast, I Read Somewhere That…is a smashing success. In Episode 10, Lisa chats with bestselling author Linwood Barclay and shares a crucial tip from a top book agent. Episode 11: I Read Somewhere That… is also up. As well as The Miramichi Reader, all episodes of the podcast are available on Spotify and Apple iTunes. And don’t forget to subscribe to her podcast for notifications of future episodes.

See her on Instagram too!

Lisa also has a fun post scheduled for Dietrich Kalteis’s blog on the 10th of November – You’ll see her fun Q+A on whether one should use current politics and people in a novel you’re currently writing. You’ll be able to see it at 7 Criminal Minds blogspot.


NaNoWriMo begins on November 1st. During November, established and emerging authors are challenged to write a total of 50000 words or roughly 1700 words/day. Lots of support is provided through seminars and write-ins held by Sisters in Crime.

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Jane Burfield
Jane Petersen Burfield

Jane is an award-winning author of short fiction. She loves to show the darkness that lurks behind the facade of sweet domesticity and respectability. Recently she is experimenting with writing for young adults. Her story, “There Be Dragons”, was a finalist for the Crime Writers of Canada Award of Excellence for Short Stories.

Mesdames: How do your readers see you when they meet you today?

Jane: They’ll find a rumpled, COVID-haired, brain-fogged lady who looks a little bit like a benevolent granny and a little bit like Lear on the Heath!

Mesdames: You’ve had a fascinating life from training as a ballerina to meeting notorious Idi Amin. What more secrets can you tell us?

Jane: I once did an impromptu Hula dance for the Mayor of Atlantic City at a large reception. They gave me the Key to Atlantic City! I was four at the time so I wonder if the Key is still good. Perhaps it will get me a free coffee!

Mesdames: You have to use this dance in your next story! Have you thought about writing for children?

Jane: I do want to include a young child in the story that is starting to form in my mind. The Mesdames of Mayhem anthologies have given me the opportunity to be free, to try writing from different points of view. My story, “There Be Dragons”, in 13 Claws, let me explore a magical world through the eyes of children. 

Mesdames: And “There Be Dragons” was a finalist for the Crime Writers of Canada Award for Best Short Story. This could be the start of your career as a children’s writer!

Jane: I do love the sense of carefree spontaneity in children. Where do we lose that freedom of spirit? That bravery? But I’m finding that I can have a more enjoyable adolescence in my later years. This time I’m living it with money and a car!

Mesdames: Jane is one of the stars of the CBC documentary, The Mesdames of Mayhem, directed by award-winning director, Cat Mills. (Also a Mme!) View on GEM here to learn more about Jane’s fascinating life. CBC Gem – The Mesdames of Mayhem – The Mesdames of Mayhem

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Happy Thanksgiving and Halloween!

This October, we give thanks and celebrate all the accomplishments of our members during these uncertain and sometimes spooky times. We also are excited for next year’s anthology and the continuing achievements of our collective in enticing you, our readers, with even more enjoyable experiences with crime fiction.


Yay! It’s official: the title for the Mesdames’ fifth anthology, to be published in 2022, is – ta-dah! –  The Spirit of 13.  And “spirit” can mean ghosts, goblins, demons – or debunking of same. Even esprit de corps or alcohol – the only limitations will be the imaginations of our Mesdames and Messieurs!


Sylvia Warsh

Big congratulations to Sylvia Warsh for the sale of her eerie suspense tale, “The Natural Order of Things”, to prestigious Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Many authors submit stories but very, very few make it in. This is huge! Publication of Sylvia’s story is scheduled for 2022.

Madeleine Harris Callway

Congrats to M. H. Callway for the reprint of her story, “Incompetence Kills”, in this year’s BOULD anthology. BOULD stands for Bizarre, Outrageous, Unfettered, Limitless and Daring. The 2021 BOULD Anthology will be available on Amazon in November.

Congratulations to Catherine Astolfo on the publication of her standalone novel, The Grand Art of Murder, Catherine Astolfo has dished up something (almost) completely different with a novel that’s a bit more lighthearted than her previous books.

The Grand Art of Murder is set in a fictional town near Brantford, Ontario. When a skeleton is discovered under Leonora Harrington’s barn, she is certain that her plans to convert the place into a high-end art gallery are ruined. Not to mention her sense of security. That’s not what happens, though. The events that unravel are both much worse and much better than she could ever have imagined. A gallery opening that breaks all records for attendance. Someone who breaks in and leaves obscure notes. Two more murders. A handsome lover. Not to mention her mother the ghost. How will Leo survive? You can get it in an e-version or a paperback. Check out Catherine Astolfo’s author page on Amazon.

Jayne Barnard

Congratulations to Jayne Barnard on the re-release of her YA Maddie Hattie steam punk series through Clockworks & Crime Media. Check out the fab new covers for Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond, Guilded Gauge and Timely Taffeta on Jayne’s Author Page for Books, biography, log, audiobooks, Kindle.

Cat Mills

Congratulations to Cat Mills!
The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival has nominated The Mesdames of Mayhem for Best International Director!

Check out the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival program for The Mesdames of Mayhem video.


Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa de Nikolitis‘ new podcast I Read Somewhere That is now available on Youtube!

Rage Room Review on That Shakespearean Rag

Lisa was interviewed by Steven Beattie, former editor and reviewer of The Quill and Quire, about The Rage Room!! Here’s the link to the great interview by Steven Beattie about The Rage Room in his blog That Shakespearean Rag.

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