Spotlight on Bad Girl Blog

Spotlight on Bad Girl Blog

Bad Girl Blog

Melodie CampbellThe Mesdames of Mayhem: How long has your blog been running?

Melodie: Ten years this month! Wow.

The Mesdames: Why did you start blogging?

Melodie: My first novel publisher was a big fan of social media, and put me on the right track. “Get out there,” she said. But it goes back farther than that.

I had a humour column in a newspaper and trade mag in the ’90s, and came out of it with at least 200 comedy publications. Starting a blog was a perfect place to republish those columns, and I did so for many years. Some of my following from the old comedy days (I wrote standup and did some performing) found me on Blogspot and passed the word around.

The Mesdames: What are the subjects you love to blog about?

Melodie: My books are comedies, so it makes sense that my blog would be humorous posts. My old newspaper columns were mainly general comedy, very much like Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry. These days, I write a lot of funny pieces on the writing life.

The Mesdames: How often do you post and why?

Melodie: Until last year, I posted once a week. Yes, once a week for 9 years! That’s a lot of posts. In late 2018, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I had to step back my weekly posting to monthly. It was a tough year after his death; I cannot tell you how long it took for me to find my voice again. But Bad Girl is back to writing comedy, and I will be posting some of my old stuff on there starting this month.

The Mesdames: What were your most satisfying posts?

Melodie: No question, my zanier posts get the biggest response. I love when readers appreciate my somewhat loopy sense of humour.

The Mesdames: Please share some stats with us. 

I’m nearing 200,000 hits. These days, I get about 1,000 per post. Readers are from all over the world: North America, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Estonia, Russia, The Emirates, China, India… I have an international following because I started the Bad Girl blog when my first book, Rowena Through the Wall came out. That fantasy series did very well in Germany, and I picked up followers there.

The Mesdames: What feedback have you had from your blog readership?

Mainly, keep the comedy coming! But one thing I’d like to mention: I’m among the number of early bloggers who are unclear as to exactly how important our blogs are for our book sales. The theory is that people who read our blogs also buy our books. Or…people find their way to our books through the blog. Indeed, I know a lot of Bad Girl Blog readers also enjoy my Goddaughter comedy capers.

What we DON’T know is how sensitive blogging is to sales. For instance, blogging is a lot of work, we all admit. If I were to stop, would my book sales go down? I have no idea, and neither do my other early blogger friends, like Anne R. Allen. So, we’re kind of afraid to stop.

The Mesdames: What blog post over the years has had the most reads?

Melodie: Probably: I AM NOT A SEXY PORN GIRL (and other Twitter Mishaps)


Also can’t forget: Books I will Never Write: DINO PORN

Loopy, as I mentioned. I’ll be repeating those ones on the blog in June.

The Mesdames: What advice would you give authors starting a blog for the first time?

Melodie: I think you have to have an angle. You have to offer something that isn’t currently out there. My angle was comedy, and that fit with my books just fine. So the people who came to my blog were the sort who would appreciate the wacky humour in my Rowena and Goddaughter books.

The Mesdames: How long does it take you on average to craft a blog posting?

For me, I’m writing a column, just like I would for a newspaper. I’m a trained columnist. Opening, three subject points, twist ending, usually. In about 500-700 words. Comedy takes time. What reads easy doesn’t write easy. I go over and over it, playing with words, honing it to the sharpest. If I had to guess, I would say 8 hours in total per column.

The Mesdames: Do you believe that running a blog is time well spent?

For me, it has been. I am not so sure you can get this sort of following if you start now, however. Cyberspace is much more crowded now than it was ten years ago. It’s noisy out there!

Catch the Bad Girl Blog on

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Mesdames on the Move: June 2020


June kittenThis June, the Mesdames continue to connect with you online and in print despite the challenges of social distancing. With the sun shining, we hope to add a bit more light and magic to your day.




Bloody Words Mini-Con and Bony Blithe Award


First, a few words from Mme Cheryl Freedman, organizer extraordinaire of the Bloody Words Mini-Con and Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award.

Cheryl Freedman

Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award, Liz Freeland, for Murder in Midtown, published by Kensington Books.

The Bony Blithe is an annual Canadian award that celebrates traditional, feel-good mysteries. Now in its sixth year, the award is for a “mystery book that makes us smile” and includes everything from laugh-out-loud to gentle humour to good old-fashioned stories with little violence or gore – in short, books that are fun to read.

Murder in Midtown, the second book in Liz’s Louise Faulk historical mystery series, is set in 1913 New York City. The story brings together the highest and lowest of NYC’s denizens as Louise works to solve a particularly nasty murder, all the while risking her newly acquired position as a novice NYC policewoman.

Want to get a feel for Liz’s book? Visit the Bony Blithe Website to see the jolly winning-book video produced by Mme Caro Soles.


Blair Keetch’s short story ‘Deadly Cargo’ is part of the mystery short story anthology Heartbreaks and Half-Truths – edited by Judy Penz Sheluk of Superior Shores Press, with a release date of June 18. Check out the Publication countdown clock on Judy’s site.

Blair Keetch


Have some fun with Marlo the Merculian discovering the joys of coffee and whipped cream. Mme Caro Soles reads from her latest book in her Merculian series, Marlo’s Dance.

Melodie CampbellMme Melodie Campbell is one of the featured authors at the TELLING TALES FESTIVAL (for children’s books) this year. Crime Club is the book being featured in September of 2020 and she will be talking about mystery and suspense writing.



Submissions Closed for A Grave Diagnosis

Carrick Publishing Seeks Story SubmissionsSubmissions to Carrick Publishing’s newest anthology, A Grave Diagnosis, are now closed as of June 1, 2020.





Spotlight on Bad Girl Blog

Our June spotlight is on Mme Melodie Campbell’s Bad Girl Blog. See it on June 2, 2020.


Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa De Nikolits

In case you missed it, Mme Lisa De Nikolits interviewed two of our members on her Goodreads blog, Interview with an Author.

On May 2nd, Lisa chatted with M. H. Callway and on May 17th with Kevin Thornton.

Be sure also to check the archives in The Minerva Reader for  Lisa’s reviews of books by the Mesdames.

Madeleine Harris Callway

M.H. Callway

Kevin Thornton

Kevin Thornton





Donna Carrick announces a new podcast, Story Stocking, where she reads a short story reading from a favourite author.

This month, Donna reads from Caro Soles’ story, “A Moonlight Sonata”, the first story in the Mesdames’ new anthology,  In the Key of 13.

All music featured on Story Stocking, a production of Dead to Writes, is brought to you courtesy of songwriter, composer and performer Ted Carrick. Keep up with all of his new music at his YouTube Channel.


Dead to Writes, the Video Podcast


Check out Mme Donna Carrick’s Dead to Writes Podcasts and Videocasts! There are over 70 unique interviews posted, including several with the Mesdames of Mayhem!

Be sure to check out Donna’s interviews with M. H. Callway, Lisa De Nikolits, Marilyn Kay, Blair Keetch and Rosemary McCracken.


On Sunday, May 31st, it’s Mme Lynne Murphy with tips on succinct prose writing

On June 14th, Donna interviews  Mme Madona Skaff. Other amazing Canadian authors, like best-selling thriller writer Rick Mofina,  are also in this month’s line-up.

Madona Skaff

Madona Skaff

For a complete listing of these wonderful weekly video/podcasts, available on YouTube as well as wherever you get your Podcasts. Please be sure to hit Like and Subscribe!





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Author Rosemary McCracken's Moving Target Blog

The Mesdames of Mayhem: How long has your blog been running, and why did you start it?

Rosemary: I started Moving Target in 2011, after I signed my first publishing contract with Imajin Books for Safe Harbor. Imajin wanted its authors to have websites and blogs. So I proceeded to create a website and start a blog, knowing full well that both were essential tools for writers. A blog, especially, can help writers connect with readers and with other writers, and expand their target audiences. It can also help writers build authority on their specialties; for example, a writer of cozies set around a restaurant or a bakery might want to blog about food topics and recipes.

The Mesdames: What is the aim of your blog?

Rosemary: Its title, Moving Target, says it in a nutshell. A writer’s target is constantly changing. The first target is probably completing a novel or a short story; then the target moves to finding a publisher. And when it comes to marketing the work, the target really keeps moving. My blog shows the different stages I’ve gone through in my journey as a writer—my little triumphs and progressions—which can serve as signposts for what lies ahead for beginning writers.

Today, nine years after signing my first novel contract, my target is still moving. And I expect that it always will be.

The Mesdames: What topics do you blog about?

Rosemary: The tagline of my blog, on the top right-hand side of its home page, is Rosemary McCracken’s Book Adventure. This sums up the main content of my blog: my exciting (to me) adventures of writing, placing and promoting my fiction, as well as announcing important events that impact my writing and my writing community.

I also post interviews with authors I’ve met in person and online, usually when they’ve had a new book released, to help with their promotion. And I include photos from trips I take because I enjoy travelling, and some of my short stories are set in countries I’ve visited.

And, from time to time, I’ll blog about movies, generally older ones. Film structure is very similar to novel structure, and it’s a structure most of us intuitively know from our years of watching movies. I spend a lot of my leisure time watching movies and analysing their structure.

I rarely post “personal” blogs. I give followers glimpses of my life with my travel photos, maybe a short blog on St. Patrick’s Day because I have an Irish background. That sort of thing. But my day-to-day life isn’t terribly interesting, and I don’t want to bore blog followers with details about it.

The Mesdames: How often do you post?

Rosemary: Not as often as I should. The experts say you should blog at least once a week, preferably on the same day of the week. But I feel it’s more important to blog about events in my writing journey that resonate with me. And these don’t necessarily happen every week.

The Mesdames: What blog post over the nine years has had the most reads?

Rosemary: According to my WordPress stats, my most popular post was an obituary I wrote on Feb. 12, 2015, about the late Canadian crime fiction author Alison Gordon.

The Mesdames: What posts were the most satisfying to write?

Rosemary: In November 2011, four months before the release of Safe Harbor, I announced a contest on my blog for readers to vote on one of the two covers Imajin Books had come up with for the mystery novel. Have a look at the two covers and tell me which one you prefer. I used PollDaddy to keep track of the votes. Readers preferred Cover A (69.29% of the votes) over Cover B (30.71%), and that was the cover we went with. I announced the winning cover in a February 2012 blog.

A contest/poll such as this ramps up the excitement for an upcoming release. It also allows you to interact with readers, and helps them bond with your book. It’s also a fair amount of work.

The Mesdames: Who reads your blog?

Rosemary: According to my WordPress stats, the majority of my readers are in Canada, the United States and Britain, all countries where my novels have sold well on Amazon. But I’ve had readers from all around the world, notably in Ireland, India, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, the Philippines, Brazil and Russia. It’s thrilling to know that I’m connecting with people so far away!

The Mesdames: Since Google prefers posts of at least 500 words or longer do you deliberately create lengthier posts or let the idea determine the length?

Rosemary: I let the content of a post determine its length. Some posts should be short, so I keep them short.

The Mesdames: Do you use keywords and other SEO techniques to attract readers?

Rosemary: I always add a few keywords to the box WordPress provides, even if they are generic terms such as “mystery novels.” I’d be foolish not to take advantage of everything available to promote my blogs. And I use images in the posts. As a former newspaper journalist, I well know how important photos are in attracting readers to a page. A picture tells 1,000 words!

The Mesdames: How long does it take to craft a blog post?

Rosemary: I can write a post fairly quickly because many of my posts are similar to news articles I wrote as a journalist—and these needed to be written pronto, before the news grew old. I find pounding them out quickly—depending on content, probably in about 20 minutes—gives energy to the writing.

The Mesdames: Is running a blog time well spent?

Rosemary: For the reasons I’ve mentioned above, a blog is an important tool for connecting with existing readers and building a wider readership. And writing a blog can also be cathartic. From time to time, bloggers can use a post to rant about a topic dear to their hearts—not too often, of course. That’s what I did on May 23, 2015 in “Etiquette on the book front.”

But be careful what you rant about. Something you write in the heat of the moment may come back to bite you. Remember that readers are entitled to spend their money in any way they choose. If they choose not to buy your books at a signing event or elsewhere, that is their prerogative. Move on. Write some more books.

The Mesdames: How do you promote your blog?

Rosemary: Including keywords about each blog, as I mentioned above. I also create a tweet for every blog I post, I link to LinkedIn, and I post about it on Facebook. And I encourage my Facebook friends to share my posts by sharing those that they post. When I interview an author, I remind that person to promote the interview through his/her social media contacts.

The Mesdames: Is writing a blog for everyone?

Rosemary: Blogging makes sense for me, but it may not for other authors. If it’s a real chore, and you’re only doing it because “everyone else is,” you might be better off channelling your energy into other activities.

The Mesdames: What advice would you give authors starting a blog for the first time?

Rosemary: Here are some tips that may help:

  • Re-evalulate your blog topics every year.
  • Build authority for your “specialty” in your blog by discussing some of the research you do for your novels.
  • Draw up a calendar for your blog. And plan out as many of your posts in advance as you can.
  • Put your blog readers first. Write posts that will be meaningful to them, not posts intended only to promote your books.
  • Design readable posts. Use bullets for lists in order to break up text. Include at least one relevant image for each post.
  • Develop a blog promotion plan.
  • Invite other writers to contribute guest posts or interview them in Q&A format.
  • Refer back to older posts when relevant, including links to these posts in your text.
  • Encourage readers to comment by asking them to comment in your posts. By commenting, readers will develop stronger ties with you and your books. And reply to their comments, or thank them for commenting.


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NEWS FLASH: Another Dead to Writes Author Interview and More Author Recognition


Zoom over to M Blair Keetch, whose short story “A Contrapuntal Duet” won a place in our In the Key of 13 Anthology, recently spoke to publisher Donna Carrick about his upcoming novel Flight Risk on the Dead to Writes VideoPodcast.


Madona SkaffThe anthology, Nothing Without Us, (editors Cait Gordon & Talia C. Johnson, Renaissance Press) containing Mme Madona Skaff’s short story “Backbone”, has been shortlisted for an Aurora Award in the Best Related Work category. The book’s cover artist, Nathan Fréchette, has also been shortlisted for a Best Artist Aurora Award. The Aurora Awards are nominated by members of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

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NEWS FLASH: Interviews with the Mesdames!

Greetings Readers!

Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa De Nikolits

Madeleine Harris Callway

M.H. Callway

Here’s your chance to learn more about our individual authors. This week, Lisa De Nikolits’ interviews M. H. Callway on her Goodreads’ blog, Interview with an Author. Read it here. And do check out her conversation earlier this spring with Melodie Campbell, too.



Donna Carrick

And “Zoom” in on Dead to Writes where the podcasts are on video. Access them through Carrick Publishing. This week publisher Donna Carrick interviews with Rosemary McCracken and Caro Soles.

Rosemary McCracken

Rosemary McCracken

Caro Soles

Caro Soles

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Mesdames on the Move: May 2020


May puppy and kitten

May is awards season for the Mesdames. And we have three Mesdames’ nominees for awards. Although physical events aren’t taking place, we are looking forward to some exciting online announcements coming up.

Our Mesdames have also kept busy in other ways with books and blog posts coming out in May.


Sylvia Warsh

Sylvia Warsh

Mme Sylvia Warsh’s story from In The Key of 13, “None Shall Sleep”, is a finalist in the 2020 Derringer Awards. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2020.

In the Key of 13 Cover


Melodie Campbell

Goddaughter Does Vegas

Mme Melodie Campbell’s The Goddaughter Does Vegas, Orca Book Publishers, is a finalist for the 2020 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novella. The winners will be announced across Canada on or soon after Thursday, May, 21, 2020

Cat Mills

Cat Mills

Congratulations to Mme Cat Mills for her two film award nominations from the prestigious Yorkton Film Festival, the longest running film festival in North America. The nominations are for Best Documentary POV (Point of View) for Biker Bob Posthumous Adventure and the CBC Doc The Mesdames of Mayhem!

Thank you again, Cat and Felicity Justrabo, for your remarkable look into our special writers’ world.


Caro Soles

Marlo's Dance








Mme Caro Soles‘ new book Marlo’s Dance, a Merculian mystery, is coming out May 19, 2020 from Crossroad Press in e-book form. The print version will be available at a later date.

Merculian. A planet of sensuous fun-loving hermaphrodites. A planet where major crime consists of the 3 Ds–drugs, drunk, and disorderly.

Marlo Dasha Bogardini, a senior investigator with the Cap City regulators, is shocked when he is called backstage on the final day of a high-profile dance competition. The mangled body of a young dancer has been wedged beneath the set. As he investigates, the trail leads directly to Merculian’s greatest dancer!

Soon Marlo’s life and the investigation spin out of control and an unrelenting campaign to discredit him costs him his job. He forges ahead anyway, only to discover that the murder may be connected to a sinister criminal consortium. With two unlikely allies by his side, he uncovers a tangled web of violent crime. Marlo puts it all together but before he can reveal the devastating truth, he’s forced to fight for his life!

Madona Skaff

Madona Skaff

Mme Madona Skaff‘s new book Death by Association is coming out on May 15, 2020 from Renaissance Press. This is the second book in the series.

Computer expert and former marathon runner Naya struggles to recover from a serious multiple sclerosis attack, and settles into a routine of daily workouts at the gym. Frustrated by her lack of progress, she’s in no mood for wheelchair user Larson Rask and his endless prying questions.Death by Association

Noticing that his legs still look muscular, Naya guesses that he’s only been in the chair for a short time. She puts aside her annoyance to patiently listen to him. To her horror, a police Tactical Unit raids the gym and arrests Larson Rask – on three counts of murder. Was he grooming her to be victim number four?

Reluctantly, she’s drawn into the world of sleuthing—tracking a ruthless serial killer who will stop at nothing to stay free.





Our spotlight blog this month is Mme Rosemary McCracken’s Moving Target to be featured May 15th. You can follow her blog here:


The Italian Cure


The May issue of Mme Lisa de Nikolits’s The Minerva Reader, features a review of Melodie Campbell‘s sunny romcom, The Italian Cure.


Madeleine Harris Callway


On Sunday, May 2, Lisa de Nikolits talks to our founder, Mme Madeleine Harris-Callway about writing, our Mesdames CBC documentary and Carrick Publishing’s upcoming anthology, A Grave Diagnosis.

Lisa’s blog interviews appear on Goodreads, a wonderful opportunity for all guest authors. Many Mesdames authors will be featured in upcoming months.



Mme Donna Carrick‘s Dead to Writes podcast has gone Zoom with her first interview with Mme Rosemary McCrackenRosemary chats with Donna about Uncharted Waters, the fourth novel in her Pat Tierney mystery series, to be released in September, and the other three books in the series: Safe Harbor, Black Water and Raven Lake. Rosemary also talked about a short story she’s writing for Carrick Publishing’s new crime fiction collection, A Grave Diagnosis.

June 1st is the submission deadline for A Grave Diagnosis


Watch for the Short Mystery Fiction Society’s Announcement of the 2020 Derringer Awards winners today, May 1, 2020.

Bloody Words Mini-Con and Bony Blithe Award





The winner of the Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award 2020 will be announced on the Bloody Words website and on Facebook on Friday, May 22, so watch for it. Meanwhile, to distract yourselves from the distancing doldrums, why not read the books on the shortlist (all are available as both print and ebooks) and see whom you would choose as the winner.



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NEWS FLASH: Bony Blithe Short List 2020!

Cheryl Freedman

Cheryl Freedman

Mme Cheryl Freedman sends a long-awaited message to our readers!

Pandemic or no pandemic, Bony Blithe is delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2020 Bony Blithe/Bloody Words Light Mystery Award.

So without further ado, here are five books that can deliver you from the distancing doldrums:

Elizabeth J. Duncan, Remembering the Dead (Crooked Lane)

Liz Freeland, Murder in Midtown (Kensington)

Eva Gates, Something Read, Something Dead (Crooked Lane)

Maureen Jennings, Heat Wave (Cormorant)

Thomas King, A Matter of Malice (Harper Collins Canada)

All these books, BTW, are available as both print and e-books. (And the Mesdames add, do order from your favorite bookstore, they need your support more than ever! We recommend Sleuth of Baker Street.)

And do visit the Bony Blithe Website, where you can smile at the jolly shortlist video produced by Mme Caro Soles.

On a sadder note, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Bloody Words Mini-con/Bony Blithe Award Dinner, originally scheduled for Friday, May 22. Seeing, however, that a year would be a very long time to wait, we will be announcing the 2020 Bony Blithe winner online on May 22, so watch for an email or check Facebook (/bonyblithe) or the Bony Blithe Website.

We have a tentative date – Friday, May 28, 2021 – for next year’s mini-con/award dinner, to be held again at the High Park Club in Toronto. Along with the 2021 BB winner, this year’s BB winner will receive his/her award plaque and cheque then.

Meanwhile, everyone, stay safe, healthy, and sane…and keep reading and writing.

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Greetings Readers!

For anyone impacted by the COVID 19 situation, the book industry is on board to help! The Mesdames of Mayhem are thrilled to offer our very first anthology of crime stories, Thirteen, (Carrick Publishing).


With huge thanks to our publisher, Donna Carrick of Carrick Publishing and to the hard-working folks at!

To access your free copy of Thirteen, click here.





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NEWS FLASH! The First Two Pages by Sylvia Warsh

Sylvia Warsh

Sylvia Warsh

Greetings Readers!

As you know, The Mesdames’ latest anthology, In the Key of 13, is centerstage on Art Taylor’s blog, The First Two Pages!

Art invited three Mmes to reveal the craft behind the first two pages of their stories in our anthology.

Sylvia Warsh is Art’s third guest and this is timely, too, because the story she’ll be discussing is “None Shall Sleep”, which is nominated for a 2020 Derringer!

“None Shall Sleep” is a dark story about revenge. Galina, a star of the Moscow Opera, is sent to a labour camp on a trumped-up charge where she falls into the clutches of Nikolai Petrov, a party official. He forces her into sexual slavery and to serenade him with the arias of his favorite opera, Turandot. Upon her release from prison, Galina escapes to Canada, but she has lost her voice forever. Years later, by random chance, she encounters Nikolai again. What will she do?

Sylvia has taught creative writing for many years. She is an Edgar Award winner and her novels and stories have been honoured many times, including nominations for the Arthur Ellis and Derringer awards.

Art Taylor is a critically acclaimed author of short crime fiction, the winner of multiple Agatha, Macavity and Derringer awards. In 2019, he won  Edgar Award for Best Short Story.

Follow this link to Art Taylor’s blog here.



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Mesdames on the Move: April 2020


And it will be one to remember.

April opens crime writing award season! Many Mesdames and Monsieurs have entries in this year’s Arthur Ellis Awards. Good luck, everyone!

The  2020 Arthur Ellis Awards Shortlist Event was supposed to take place on Wednesday, April 15th, but because of COVID-19, the announcement of the finalists will be on social media. Stay tuned for updates!

We are launching a new, permanent section in Mesdames on the Move: Spotlight on Social Media. Many of us are bloggers and each month we’ll feature the blog of a Mme or Monsieur. To lead things off: star blogger, Lisa De Nikolits who writes two blogs. 

This is a welcome opportunity to catch up on new and to-be-read books. Do tell us when reading one of our books helped you feel better. And stay safe out there!

But first some extra terrific good news!!


Sylvia Warsh

Sylvia Warsh

Mega congratulations to Mme Sylvia Warsh whose story, ” Sleep No More”, is a 2020 Derringer short story finalist! Sylvia’s chilling story is one of our murderous musical tales in In the Key of 13.

Sylvia’s stories have been nominated for Derringers before – terrific recognition both for her and for Canadian crime writing.

The Derringer winner is decided by the vote of members of the Short Fiction Mystery Society. If you are a member of SFMS, be sure to vote once the stories are posted on the Derringer website. Deadline for voting is April 30th.


The Italian Cure

Mme Melodie Campbell‘s The Italian Cure, published by Orca books is now available in print and as an ebook.

Charlie’s world comes crashing down when her fiancé leaves her for another woman. Then Aunt Della wins a trip for two to Rome. Maybe Italy can cure her broken heart?

Melodie Campbell

Charlie and Aunt Della board the tour bus in Rome and meet a fun and diverse group of travelers. Rocco, the tour guide, is particularly attractive. Charlie isn’t the only one who thinks so. The bus driver, Tony, is also her age. They become friends and explore sites together.

Charlie quickly falls in love with Italy. Who needs romance when you have Rome, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast?

But with adventure comes danger in the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Charlie wanders from the group and is mugged. She chases the thief who stole her purse into the far reaches of the ruins. Lost and alone, Charlie finds courage she never knew she had.

Physical courage is one thing, but will she risk falling in love again? Anything’s possible in The Italian Cure.

The Light in Trieste

Mme Rosemary Aubert‘s new book The Light in Trieste, Carrick Publishing is now available in print and ebook forms.

Rosemary Aubert

The Light in Trieste is a novel of international intrigue that spans three centuries. It’s a tale about illegal immigration: the story of an empress, a refugee and a prostitute, three desperate women in three different time periods, each attempting to use the same stolen antique scientific instrument to bribe her way into a new life in America. It’s a work of fiction based on true events in the past of a remarkable city.

In a novel inspired by the unusual life of Sisi, Empress of Bavaria and renegade wife of Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary, Aubert follows the fictional path of the glowing prism once owned by Sir Isaac Newton, which in real life resides at Cambridge University.


We’ve got some wonderful bloggers among the Mesdames. This month we’d like to shine a light on Mme Lisa de Nikolits and her two blogs. Her series, Interview With An Author on Goodreads will continue with renewed frequency and The Minerva Reader will continue to shine the spotlight on unsung treasures that you might have missed.

Lisa de Nikolits Blogs



Besides our group Mesdames of Mayhem Twitter (@MesdamesMayhem), a number of us tweet from our own accounts. Please come and tweet with us individually as well.)

Catherine Astolfo:  @cathyastolfo

JE (Jayne) Barnard: @J_E_Barnard 

 M. H. Callway: @mcallway

Melodie Campbell: @MelodieCampbell

Donna Carrick: @Donna_Carrick

Lisa de Nikolits: @lisadenikolits

Therese Greenwood: @wolfeislander

Marilyn Kay: @triskeleweb

Blair Keetch: @BlairKeetch

Rosemary McCracken: @RCMcCracken

Caro Soles: @carosoles


2020 Bloody Words Mini-Con/Bony Blithe Award Gala Cancelled.

Due to health and safety concerns during the present COVID-19 Outbreak, the 2020 Bloody Words Mini-Con and Bony Blithe Award Gala has been cancelled. Never fear! The 2021 event will be back in 2021.

For more details about the announcement of the award shortlist and 2020 Bony Blithe winner, and arrangements regarding registration, please visit

Submissions to Crime Fiction Anthology Due June 1, 2020.

Deadline for submissions to the Carrick Publishing’s new crime fiction anthology, A Grave Diagnosis is June 1st. For submission guidelines, please visit the A Grave Diagnosis submissions page on the Carrick Publishing website.

Carrick Publishing Seeks Story Submissions

2020 Arthur Ellis Shortlist Event Cancelled

The 2020 Arthur Ellis Shortlist Even scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th, will not take place. Instead, finalists will be announced via social media.







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