Cheryl Freedman

imageCheryl Freedman was Mothership (first as secretary-treasurer, then as executive director) of Crime Writers of Canada for 10 years until she resigned in 2009, partly to – what else? – write her own historical mystery series. Or two. Plus a couple of non-historical mysteries.

Except she decided that it was way more fun – and far more profitable – to edit other people’s work.

In “real” life a freelance editor and desktop publisher, Cheryl’s work covers a wide spectrum, from religious books to academic papers to memoirs to SF/fantasy, but she holds a special fondness and expertise for editing mystery and crime manuscripts.

An honorary lifetime member of the CWC, she’s also the chair of the board of directors of Bloody Words, Canada’s oldest mystery conference, which she’s been involved with since it started in 1999, both as conference chair (2005, 2008, 2012) and as publications chair. These positions, as well as being the Toronto Sisters in Crime newsletter editor for three years, has given her insight into and contacts within all aspects of the crime book publishing industry.

And she’s still working on those historical mysteries and is the chair of Bloody Words 2014, the theme of which is Danse Macabre: Historical Mysteries and the Dance of Death (quel surprise, eh?).

Bloody Words 2014
Bloody Words 2014 Facebook:!/pages/Bloody-Words-2014/211627298961798

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