Greetings Readers!
You are invited!

The Mesdames of Mayhem’s first anthology, Thirteen, is now available in print form. A mere click on the cover on the right side of this screen will take you to Amazon where the book can be yours in print or digital form.

More importantly, dear Readers, you are all cordially invited to the Mesdames launch party and celebration to be held Sunday, October 27th, from 2 to 4 pm, here in Toronto at our very favorite book store, Sleuth of Baker Street. The theme is Halloween – costumes are welcome!

To hold the print copy in my hand was a tremendous thrill. Up till now, Thirteen, seemed like a ghost book to me, somehow always out of reach. Viewed darkly through the glass screens of my laptop and e-reader perhaps?

The launches of Thirteen reveal so clearly the difference between e-book and print marketing. Our cyber launch in September was a huge success! We connected with faraway friends in British Columbia, Europe and Texas. We had engaging and stimulating on-line discussions with fans and friends. For a blissful few days, Thirteen, was Number Two on in the Mystery Anthology category!

The potential reach and power to connect through an e-book appear limitless. But…there is a “but”…wait for it…like a new puppy, e-book marketing requires constant attention.

Much care and feeding of Face Book, Twitter, and so forth, or the extinction awaits. Oh, and the T-Rex? That’s the tidal wave of new mystery anthologies rushing behind our new baby.

With the print launch, the power to connect is smaller, but we will be in the physical world, interacting with warm-bodied readers, shaking hands, giving hugs and signing hard copies. We’ll meet librarians and book sellers, actors and theatre buffs.

Yes, indeed! In November, the Mesdames of Mayhem are linking up with community theatre. The play’s the thing – a murder mystery set in a writer’s critique group – and the author has graciously agreed to use the Mesdames’ name in the production! Details on this website in November.

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