The Mesdames of Mayhem: A roaring end to 2014!

Madeleine Harris-CallwayGreetings Readers!


Joan O'CallaghanOur very own Mme Joan O’Callaghan is not just a finalist, but the absolute first prize winner of Polar Expressions Publishing’s 2014 National Summer Poetry and Short Story Contest! Her flash fiction crime story, “Torch Song for Two Voices”, was chosen over several hundred entries. In addition to publication in the anthology, That Golden Summer, the award carries a $500 prize.

Mesdames Mad Windigo FireMme M. H. Callway also learned today that her debut novel, Windigo Fire, published by Seraphim Editions is on Huffington Post’s list for Books for Book Clubs Fall 2014. She is thrilled beyond words to be included on the list of books by outstanding authors like Alexander McCall Smith, Lena Dunham, Ian McEwan and Jessie Burton (The Miniaturist).

RA-DontForgetIn early December, Mme Rosemary Aubert launches her new book, Don’t Forget You Love Me (Carrick Publishing). It is the latest book in her beloved, award-winning Ellis Portal series. Details of the launch will be available shortly.

SinC WholeSheBang2Mmes Catherine Astolfo and Melodie Campbell celebrated the launch of their stories in Toronto Sisters in Crime latest anthology, The Whole She-Bang 2. The print version is available at Sleuth of Baker Street and in print and e-format on Amazon.

Mme Donna Carrick and her co-editor, Alex Carrick, launch the print edition of their fabulous new anthology, World Enough and Crime (Carrick Publishing) at the Mesdames favorite bookstore, Sleuth of Baker Street, Saturday, Dec 6th, 2 to 4 pm. The book features the work of award-winning established authors and talented emerging writers. Eight Mesdames of Mayhem are proud to have their stories included.
World Enough Print Launch Invitation

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