Launch: New Ellis Portal Novel by Rosemary Aubert

Written by M.H. Callway

Mesdames RosemaryA1Mme Rosemary Aubert celebrated the launch of her new Ellis Portal novel, Don’t Forget You Love Me, the sixth book in the Arthur award-winning series on Friday, January 16th at the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto.

Carrick Publishing released Don’t Forget You Love Me just before Christmas. It is already receiving warm reviews: it is one of J.D’s Picks and one of Marian’s Picks in Sleuth of Baker Street’s January newsletter.

Friends and fans crowded the Great Hall to hear Rosemary read from her new novel. At her invitation, three fellow poets (George Fells, Emily Mandy and David Stones) shared their work. Readers may not know that Mme Rosemary started writing as a poet – and that she continues to publish and perform poetry to this day.

Mesdames Safe HarborRosemary also generously shared the floor with three Mesdames of Mayhem who were honored and delighted to be part of the evening. Mme M. H. Callway read from her debut novel, Windigo Fire (Seraphim Editions), Rosemary McCracken from Safe Harbour (Imajin Press) and Joan O’Callaghan, her award-winning flash fiction, “Torch Song for Two Voices” (Polar Expressions).

Asked what inspired her to continue the Ellis Portal series, Rosemary described how she originally planned to tell Portal’s journey – from judge to homeless vagrant living rough in the Don Valley to judge again – in five books. Central to Portal’s story are five rings that belong to the major characters: each of the five books focuses on one of these rings.

The recent clashes between police and the public, often with tragic results, compelled Rosemary to write Don’t Forget You Love Me. As part of her research, she studied the documentation available on the events surrounding the Economic Summit to illuminate this difficult and complex issue.

Don’t Forget You Love Me is available on Amazon.
Mesdames RosemaryA2

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