Mesdames on the Move!

TheMumberleyInheritance-WebPoster190xThis February, Mmes Joan O’Callaghan and M. H. Callway will be representing the Mesdames and their books at West End Studio Theatre’s production of The Mumberley Inheritance. Do join us for a fun evening out at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts!

Here is the blurb from West End Studio:

“The traditional melodrama themes are re-worked in a fast paced entertainment romp through the trials and tribulations of Mumberley Manor.  England in 1900 – Brother Jack is in Canada trying to find the secret of the Mumberley fortune – father’s gambling debts are in the hands of villainous Marmaduke Mayhem – so what can poor daughter Daphne do but marry Mayhem, leaving Rodney Stoutheart and his stiff upper lip at the vestry door?  Rodney disguises himself as Jack – returned from Canada – at the same moment as Jack actually returns.  Thus the villain’s attempts to dispose of Jack invariably lead to unfortunate experiences for Rodney.  All ends well once the villain has played his death scene (with encores). 

PS  – Great show to bring children to – there is audience participation booing, hissing and cheering!!”

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