Join Mme D.J. McIntosh for the launch of The Angel of Eden (Penguin Canada)

Dorothy Launch1

Join our very own Mme, Bestselling author D.J. McIntosh, for the launch of The Angel of Eden (Penguin Canada), the highly-anticipated third novel in her Mesopotamian antiquities thriller trilogy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 7pm
Indigo Books, Bay-Bloor Manulife Centre, Toronto

Bestselling Toronto Star reporter Peter Edwards, internationally acclaimed author Robert J. Sawyer and D.J. McIntosh will debate “Fact or Fiction” in discussion with Penguin’s Senior Commissioning Editor, Adrienne Kerr.

In 2011, D.J. McIntosh took the book world by storm with her bestselling debut novel, The Witch of Babylon. Praised by The Globe and Mail for its “stellar research” and “superb writing,” it introduced readers to John Madison, a rakish New York art dealer who uncovered a fabulous treasure trove of antiquities in the hills outside Baghdad and the truth behind a famous story long believed to be a myth.

In this highly anticipated conclusion, Madison is hired by a famous magician to find a rare sixteenth century book on angel magic and the former assistant who stole it thirty-five years ago. Madison’s quest leads him from the great mosques and churches of Istanbul to the ruins of Pergamon and the temples of the ancient Near East, where he discovers the true location of the Garden of Eden, the nature of angels, and the dark story of his birth.

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