Authorgraph by Mme. Catherine Astolfo

Catherine Astolfo346e9c_5f68dc08aa5d4f56bde48a3b7b011eaf_jpg_srb_p_299_449_75_22_0_50_1_20_0When my publisher first launched me into space (Internet space that is), I was more than a little out of my element. Before Imajin Books took me on, I was strictly a paperback girl. One of the burning questions I had about e-books was: how do readers get an author’s autograph?
Well, along came Evan Jacobs and his great invention: Authorgraph. Now I am able not only to get the autographs I want, but I can also sign for readers of my books who are halfway across the world.
Below is almost all the information you can possibly want about Authorgraph. Here’s the other thing you need: Go ahead, sign up – it’s FREE.
1. What is an Authorgraph?
It’s a personal, digital inscription for an e-book. It is sent directly from an author to a reader’s digital reading device.
2. What does an Authorgraph look like?
Here is an example
3. Is affiliated with Amazon?
No, is not affiliated with Amazon except that earns an affiliate fee for any books purchased from after clicking on one of the Amazon links on
4. Do readers need to own or buy my book in order to receive an Authorgraph?
No, but readers who request your Authorgraph are very likely to be current or future readers.
5. Do readers need to own a Kindle device to receive an Authorgraph?
No, Authorgraphs are viewable on a wide variety of platforms. Readers can simply enter a regular email address at the time of their request and they will receive an email with links to download a PDF version (viewable in applications like iBooks) or an AZW version (viewable in all Kindle apps on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.) of their Authorgraph.
6. Is the Authorgraph inserted into the e-book?
No, it is a separate document. This allows a reader to create a “collection” where she can keep all of her Authorgraphs together.
7. Do I need to have a Kindle version of my book to sign up for Authorgraph?
Yes. Paperback, hardcover, and audio versions of books aren’t accepted.
8. Does an Authorgraph use my real signature or does it just print my name in a script font?
One of the most distinctive features of is the ability to actually draw your signature. This signing takes place completely in the browser window using a mouse (or your finger if you use a tablet). However, there is also a default option that allows authors to print their name in a script font if they don’t want to use the signing feature.
9. Can Authorgraphs be personalized?
Yes! Every Authorgraph goes only to the specific reader that requested it so an author can write a custom message for each reader. In addition, readers can include a short message to the author in order to provide a bit more context for personalizing the Authorgraph.
10. Is there a cost to send or receive an Authorgraph?
Requesting, sending and receiving Authorgraphs are free! However, if a reader uses Amazon’s Personal Document Service to receive the Authorgraph on his/her Kindle then Amazon may charge a small delivery fee.
PS Evan is always happy to hear about authors’ and readers’ experiences with Authorgraph, so feel free to contact him:

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1 Response to Authorgraph by Mme. Catherine Astolfo

  1. Hi Catharine,

    Thanks for signing up for Authorgraph and for your kind words about the service. I love knowing that I’ve helped authors connect with their readers and I look forward to showing you some of the new features that I’ve been working on.

    Evan Jacobs, Founder

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