13 Claws








Thursday, April 18th will be a night to remember for the Mesdames, with FOUR Arthur Ellis nominations for 13 Claws!! We were blown away to be so honoured! And we owe everything to Carrick Publishing.

Mme Donna Carrick, our editor, writes:

I’ll get right to the point. I am over the moon!!!

Heartfelt Congratulations to:

  • Mme Mad (M.H. Callway) Finalist Best Novella for “Snake Oil” 

  • Mme Jane Petersen Burfield Finalist: Best Short Story for “There Be Dragons”

  • Mme Sylvia Maultash Warsh Finalist: Best Short Story for “The Ranchero’s Daughter”

  • Cathy Astolfo (Mme, retired) Finalist: Best Short Story, “The Outlier”

Huge thanks to all the authors who contributed to this exceptional anthology!

And thanks to Sara Carrick for the outstanding ORIGINAL AND BEAUTIFUL cover and to M. Ed Piwowarczyk for the fine standard of Copy Editing.

And yes, on behalf of Carrick Publishing I will take a tiny bow. We strive for excellence in presentation and I believe we achieved it with this great book!

For the full listing of Arthur Ellis finalists, including Best Novel, click here.





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