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13 Claws Anthology








The Mesdames have two great events coming up next week. On Thursday, May 26th, 6 pm, we will be attending the Arthur Ellis Awards gala at the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto. We are incredibly honoured to have no less than FOUR nominations from our third anthology, 13 Claws: Cathy Astolfo (ret’d), Jane Burfield and Sylvia Warsh for Best Short Story and M. H. Callway for Best Novella!

Jane Burfield

M. H. Callway

Sylvia Warsh






And on Friday, May 25, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. the 2018 Bony Blithe Mini-con & Award Gala takes place at the High Park Club, 100 Indian Road, Toronto.

A message from Mme Cheryl Freedman, Assistant to the Once and Future Bloody Boss and 2018 Bony Blithe Chair, Mme Caro Soles.

Cheryl Freedman

Caro Soles

Caro Soles






Hello, my criminous friends…

Just a reminder to those of you who haven’t registered for the 2018 Bony Blithe Mini-con & Award Gala that time is running out: The event is next Friday, May 25, so register now for a fun day of mirth and murder.

New this year are some panels to broaden the horizon of our bony gal, with topics that aren’t focused strictly on light mysteries.

Sex and the Saucy Bits. From characters walking off chastely into the sunset to a jolly bout of good old rumpy-pumpy, how much sex do we want to see in mysteries?

Expletive Deleted? Even the most gentle of sleuths must lose their cool sometimes, so how do characters express themselves when life poops on them? Including a look at creative cussing through the ages.

Killing Them Softly. Guns are so gauche when there are so many other classier and more innovative ways of offing one’s enemies. From a bullet to the brain to a knitting needle to the heart.

Sleuths and Sidekicks. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Even cops have partners (official or unofficial), and what would Sherlock have done without Watson. Who are your favourite crime-fighting duos?

Woof! Meow! Oink! No matter how badly your investigation is going, you can always turn to your best friend – your pet – for comfort. What role do animals play in various kinds of mysteries?

Besides our panels, your registration also includes lunch and dinner, afternoon nibblies, a book room, and a chance to network, meet old and new friends, and speak with authors.

All this for only $65. So register now for the 2018 Bony Blithe Mini-con and Award Gala on the website here.


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