Greetings Readers!

The Mesdames are taking it easy in July and August, gearing up for a super-busy fall with Word on the Street, the Women Killing It mystery festival in Picton, new book launches and many reading events.


No worries: Our newsletter editors will be giving you exciting updates throughout the sultry weeks of July and August. So join our kitty on the beach, don your shades, grab a cool one and read on!


13 Claws, our third anthology was such a smash success, we’re doing another.  Together with Carrick Publishing, we are delighted to announce our 4th anthology: IN THE KEY OF THIRTEEN!

Featuring crime fiction from cozy to noir, from comedy capers to murder most foul, all linked by the theme of MUSIC! 

And yes, we will be running a contest for stories by writers previously unpublished in the crime fiction genre!

More details in the Mesdames on the Move for September!

New Publications and Congratulations!

Congrats to Mme Rosemary McCracken whose story, “Black Bear Country”, is published in the July issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine.

Rosemary McCracken

Print and digital copies and subscriptions available on Amazon here. 


Here’s the cover reveal for Mme Lisa De Nikolits new novel, Rotten Peaches, to be released this fall by Inanna Publications It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.


The four “rotten peaches” are the four main characters of this dark, comedic thriller featuring theft, blackmail, outrageous sex and of course, murder!

I can still smell the spilled blood and the acrid sweat that rose from the men’s skin as they died. I lean over the cool toilet, hugging the bowl. You’ll have to live with the consequences, Pa had said. He’s right. I have to get my act together.

For a sneak peek, read the advanced review by The Miramichi Reader here.


Melodie Campbell

Mel Campbell

M. H. Callway

Mmes M. H. Callway and Melodie Campbell  have stories in the upcoming anthology The Dame Was Trouble (Coffin Hop Press). Stand by for a cover and contributors reveal later this summer.


Caro Soles

Caro Soles

Mme Caro Soles’ new thriller, People Like Us (Crossroads Press) is now available on Amazon Kindle.

James Dubro, gay activist and investigative journalist writes:

People Like Us is a beautifully written, intricate, haunting tale of how a Toronto woman’s seemingly perfect life is completely upended and almost destroyed by sexual secrets involving her close friends and a 19 year old gay street hustler. Nothing is at it appears to be in this profoundly moving coming of age novel. Caro Soles is a mature literary writer who in this subtle and haunting mystery is at the top of her game.




Catherine Dumphy

Jane Burfield

Rosemary McCracken

On Thursday, July 5th, 6 pm, Mmes Catherine Dunphy, Jane Burfield, M.H. Callway, Lisa De Nikolits and Rosemary McCracken will tell readers about the Mesdames of Mayhem and show how Canadian women are rocking the mystery world. The event takes place at the Palmerston Public Library, 560 Palmerton Avenue, Toronto.



July 1: Our Canada Day interview with former Canadian Parks Ranger and mystery author, George Mercer. #ReadersOnTheRun short story to be announced.

July 8: Interview with author Jayne Barnard and short story reading of “Easter Aches”, by Jayne Barnard, World Enough and Crime, Carrick Publishing.

July 15: Interview with author Perry Block (Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute) and reading by Alex Carrick of short story “The Size of the Skip” from Three Scoops is a Blast, Carrick Publishing.

July 22: Interview with author Iris Waichler (Role Reversal). Short story reading to be announced.

July 29: Interview with author Jen Knox (Glass City, After the Gazebo). Short story reading to be announced.


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