Greetings Readers!

Hope you’re enjoying this fine summer as much as we are. but even as we bask in the sun, we are on the move. As promised, here are our  updates for August!



Catherine Astolfo

Catherine Astolfo

Caro Soles

Caro Soles

Ed Piwowarczyk

Ed Piwowarczyk

On Thursday, August 3rd, 6 pm, Madame Catherine Astolfo will speak about writing and read from her work at Grace Gallery on 29 Nelson Street, Brantford, ON.

On Saturday, August 5th, M. Ed Piwowarczyk is interviewed on Dead to Writes podcast and will read from his story, “Snake Bit”, from the Mesdames’ award-winning anthology, 13 Claws.

And if you’re looking for something fun to do on Labour Day weekend, August 31st to September 2nd, check out the Women Killing It Festival in Picton, Ontario. Mmes Cathy Astolfo and Caro Soles join several established Canadian crime writers to celebrate crime fiction. The festival includes workshops, readings and a Victorian Tea!

Full details on the festival’s website here.










Melodie Campbell

Melodie Campbell

M. H. Callway

Mmes M. H. Callway and Melodie Campbell are over the moon to be included in the terrific line-up of women writing noir in Coffin Hop Press’s upcoming anthology, The Dame was Trouble. Publication and author details to be released later this month.



August 1: Interview with literary author Jen Knox (The Glass City, After the Gazebo). #ReadersOnTheRun short story: “Bullet Proof” by Alex Carrick, “Five Scoops” Is An Addiction, Carrick Publishing

August 5: Interview with M. Ed Piwowarczyk and short story reading of “Snake Bit”, his story in 13 Claws by the Mesdames of Mayhem, Carrick Publishing, 2017

August 12: Interview with Edith Maxwell, Macavity and Agatha-nominated author of Quaker Midwife Mysteries, Country Store, Local Foods and other mystery series. Short story: “The Peace of Mind Thief”, by Alex Carrick, “Five Scoops” Is An Addiction, Alex Carrick, Carrick Publishing

August 19: Interview with author Mike Rubin (The Cottoncrest Curse, Cashed Out) and reading of “The Right Choice” by Donna Carrick, 13 Claws by the Mesdames of Mayhem, Carrick Publishing, 2017

August 26: Interview with author Michelle Cox (A Girl Like You, A Ring of Truth) and reading of short story “Family Recipe” by Catherine Astolfo, EFD1: Starship Goodwords, Carrick Publishing 2012



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