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Panel on Historical Crime Writing








On Thursday, November 21st at 7:00 p.m. in Toronto’s Northern District Library, Mmes Sylvia Warsh and Caro Soles join other historical crime fiction authors Nate Hendley, (moderator), Lorna Poplak and Ann Shortell for a panel on writing historical crime fiction at the November Toronto Sisters in Crime meeting. Guests are welcome for $5.

Noir at the Bar

Caro SolesMme Caro Soles joins Ryan Aldred, CJ Birch, Giles Blunt, Bianca Marais and Doug Schmidt for readings from their books at Noir at the Bar, starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 28th at The Wallace Gastropub, 1954 Yonge St. (Davisville). Book a table courtesy of A Different Drummer Books.



And Some KUDOS for the Mesdames

We’ve received some wonderful reactions to our Mesdames of Mayhem CBC Short Documentary. Here are two we’d like to share:

The Mesdames of Mayhem

A Tribute by Rosalie Callway

They may call it a ‘murder of crows’ but
when the Mesdames get together it is sheer carnage.
It would be a felony to say
they make light of foul play,
but with every vitriolic volume they make a killing a page.

Their lascivious ink is laced with poison,
shot through with blood.
Insubordinate readers are soon slayed
in an assault of salacious storytelling,
until the pernicious protagonist is suddenly nipped in the bud.

I would butcher any attempt to come close to their slaughter.
Each suffocating saga is spliced together
with such homicidal incision,
maybe they might take me in as a Deviant Daughter?!

Rosalie Callway is a crime fiction lover and super-fan of the Mesdames!


And Shirley McDaniel, an artist living and working in Australia writes:

“the fabulous and fascinating mesdames of mayhem.. their very evident empathy and camaraderie documented..their mayhem stories probing.. encompassing and thereby enabling a certain degree of expelling menacing memories..thus creating an order..a control…creating stories probing pain… memory surfing.. exploring loss..excruciating scrutiny…recycled ..meshed and woven into an art form..”

 Visit Shirley and view her work at (





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