NEWS FLASH: Bony Blithe Short List 2020!

Cheryl Freedman

Cheryl Freedman

Mme Cheryl Freedman sends a long-awaited message to our readers!

Pandemic or no pandemic, Bony Blithe is delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2020 Bony Blithe/Bloody Words Light Mystery Award.

So without further ado, here are five books that can deliver you from the distancing doldrums:

Elizabeth J. Duncan, Remembering the Dead (Crooked Lane)

Liz Freeland, Murder in Midtown (Kensington)

Eva Gates, Something Read, Something Dead (Crooked Lane)

Maureen Jennings, Heat Wave (Cormorant)

Thomas King, A Matter of Malice (Harper Collins Canada)

All these books, BTW, are available as both print and e-books. (And the Mesdames add, do order from your favorite bookstore, they need your support more than ever! We recommend Sleuth of Baker Street.)

And do visit the Bony Blithe Website, where you can smile at the jolly shortlist video produced by Mme Caro Soles.

On a sadder note, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Bloody Words Mini-con/Bony Blithe Award Dinner, originally scheduled for Friday, May 22. Seeing, however, that a year would be a very long time to wait, we will be announcing the 2020 Bony Blithe winner online on May 22, so watch for an email or check Facebook (/bonyblithe) or the Bony Blithe Website.

We have a tentative date – Friday, May 28, 2021 – for next year’s mini-con/award dinner, to be held again at the High Park Club in Toronto. Along with the 2021 BB winner, this year’s BB winner will receive his/her award plaque and cheque then.

Meanwhile, everyone, stay safe, healthy, and sane…and keep reading and writing.

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