NEWS FLASH! Meet the Mesdames at When Words Collide, Aug 13 to 16th!

Greetings Readers!

IT’S OFFICIAL!! TEN Mesdames will be presenting on several panels at the wonderful multi-genre festival, WHEN WORDS COLLIDE!  Now you can see and hear the Mmes in action – and to ask them questions at the end of the panels.

Normally WWC takes part in Calgary with 800+ attendees, but in 2020 or Anno Horribilis,  WWC is going on Zoom.  You can attend the conference  with no travel costs from home!

Best of all registration is FREE!! Register here.  The PDF of the program will  be released with links to all panels in a few days.

The Mesdames have their very own panel, Meet the Mesdames of Mayhem, Saturday, August 15th, 4pm (Toronto time), 2 pm (Mountain time). (Donna Carrick, Rosemary McCracken, Madona Skaff, M. H. Callway moderating.)

We’re also out in force for The Long and Short of Crime, Saturday August 15th, 2 pm (TT), 12 noon (MT). (Jane Burfield, Rosemary McCracken, Lynne Murphy, Caro Soles, M. H. Callway moderating.)

Here’s the line-up of even more panels:

Jayne Bernard, Melodie Campbell   Plot vs Character, Crime Fiction’s Eternal Grudge Match, Friday, August 11th 3pm (TT), 1pm(MT) 

Lisa De Nikolits, Caro Soles,  Can the Crossover Fit the Crime? Saturday, August 15th, 12 noon (TT), 10 am (MT)

Jayne Bernard, The Heroine’s Journey, Sunday, August 16th, 1 pm (TT), 11am(MT) 

Jayne Bernard, From the Mean Streets to the Deadly Wilderness, Sunday, August 16th, 3pm (TT), 1pm (MT)

Jayne Bernard, Diversity in Speculative Fiction, Sunday, August 16th, 5pm (TT), 3pm (MT)


Jayne Barnard

Jayne Bernard

Madeleine Harris Callway

M. H. Callway

Melodie Campbell

Melodie Campbell

Dead to Writes, the Video Podcast

Donna Carrick

Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa De Nikolits

Rosemary McCracken

Rosemary McCracken

Lynne Murphy

Lynne Murphy

Jane Petersen Burfield

Jane Petersen Burfield

Madona Skaff

Madona Skaff





Caro Soles

Caro Soles


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