Come Zoom with the Mesdames’ Mega Book Launch Marathon

We are delighted, dear Readers, to share with you our Zoom Book Launch schedule. In addition, we have a special video invitation to you to join editor Donna Carrick and all the Mesdames for the Halloween launch of A Grave Diagnosis.

The Mesdames of Mayhem’s Mega Book Launch Schedule

Rosemary McCrackenUncharted WatersOct 33PM
Caro SolesMarlo’s DanceOct 217PM
Donna Carrick, editorA Grave DiagnosisOct 312PM
Madona SkaffDeath by AssociationNov 72PM
Rosemary Aubert
Blair Keetch
A Light in Trieste
“Deadly Cargo” in Heartbreaks and Half-truths
Nov 211PM
Lisa de Nikolits
Caro Soles
Melissa Yi
The Rage Room
Dancing with Chairs in the Music House
Scorpion Scheme
Nov 283PM

Note: To attend a book launch, please email the author directly or for all book launches, with the exception of A Grave Diagnosis. To attend the A Grave Diagnosis book launch, please email

Watch the Fun: Our Launch with Caro Soles and Marlo’s Dance

Here’s our video of the October 21 launch of Marlo’s Dance, featuring author Caro Soles.

A Special Video Invitation for A Grave Diagnosis

Please note: All queries concerning the A Grave Diagnosis Halloween Book Launch on Zoom should be directed to

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