2020 Year-End Round-Up of Books

Dear Readers,

Cats and reading

There’s nothing like a good book to transport your imagination to new worlds, meet fascinating characters and broaden your horizons. So this holiday season, give the gift of books. And while you’re at it,  immerse yourself in the wonderful stories and books written by our own Mesdames and Messieurs of Mayhem


Dancing with Chairs in the Music House

Death by Association

Marlo's Dance

The Italian Cure

The Light in Trieste

The Rage Room

Uncharted Waters

What You Take With You

Why the Rock Falls

Scorpion Scheme


Bould Awards Anthology

Crime Wave

Heartbreaks and Halr-truths

Mystery Most Edible

Beyond Sherlock Holmes

MX Sherlock Holmes Stories







A Grave Diagnosis Cover



13 O'Clock

13 Claws AnthologyIn the Key of 13

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