Happy Thanksgiving and Halloween!

This October, we give thanks and celebrate all the accomplishments of our members during these uncertain and sometimes spooky times. We also are excited for next year’s anthology and the continuing achievements of our collective in enticing you, our readers, with even more enjoyable experiences with crime fiction.


Yay! It’s official: the title for the Mesdames’ fifth anthology, to be published in 2022, is – ta-dah! –  The Spirit of 13.  And “spirit” can mean ghosts, goblins, demons – or debunking of same. Even esprit de corps or alcohol – the only limitations will be the imaginations of our Mesdames and Messieurs!


Sylvia Warsh

Big congratulations to Sylvia Warsh for the sale of her eerie suspense tale, “The Natural Order of Things”, to prestigious Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Many authors submit stories but very, very few make it in. This is huge! Publication of Sylvia’s story is scheduled for 2022.

Madeleine Harris Callway

Congrats to M. H. Callway for the reprint of her story, “Incompetence Kills”, in this year’s BOULD anthology. BOULD stands for Bizarre, Outrageous, Unfettered, Limitless and Daring. The 2021 BOULD Anthology will be available on Amazon in November.

Congratulations to Catherine Astolfo on the publication of her standalone novel, The Grand Art of Murder, Catherine Astolfo has dished up something (almost) completely different with a novel that’s a bit more lighthearted than her previous books.

The Grand Art of Murder is set in a fictional town near Brantford, Ontario. When a skeleton is discovered under Leonora Harrington’s barn, she is certain that her plans to convert the place into a high-end art gallery are ruined. Not to mention her sense of security. That’s not what happens, though. The events that unravel are both much worse and much better than she could ever have imagined. A gallery opening that breaks all records for attendance. Someone who breaks in and leaves obscure notes. Two more murders. A handsome lover. Not to mention her mother the ghost. How will Leo survive? You can get it in an e-version or a paperback. Check out Catherine Astolfo’s author page on Amazon.

Jayne Barnard

Congratulations to Jayne Barnard on the re-release of her YA Maddie Hattie steam punk series through Clockworks & Crime Media. Check out the fab new covers for Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond, Guilded Gauge and Timely Taffeta on Jayne’s Author Page for Books, biography, log, audiobooks, Kindle.

Cat Mills

Congratulations to Cat Mills!
The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival has nominated The Mesdames of Mayhem for Best International Director!

Check out the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival program for The Mesdames of Mayhem video.


Lisa de Nikolits

Lisa de Nikolitis‘ new podcast I Read Somewhere That is now available on Youtube!

Rage Room Review on That Shakespearean Rag

Lisa was interviewed by Steven Beattie, former editor and reviewer of The Quill and Quire, about The Rage Room!! Here’s the link to the great interview by Steven Beattie about The Rage Room in his blog That Shakespearean Rag.

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