Meet the writers of 13 O’clock!

Cathy Astolfo

346e9c_5f68dc08aa5d4f56bde48a3b7b011eaf_jpg_srb_p_299_449_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Mme Catherine Astolfo holds an Arthur for Best Short Story as well as the Derrick Murdoch Award for supporting Canadian crime writing. Read her latest book, a comic novella, Up Chit Creek!

Her story, “Pulling a Rabbit”, tells the zany/sinister story of a lady ruled by bargain shopping and her grandfather clock…

imageMme Rosemary Aubert is the author of the acclaimed Ellis Portal ra-dontforgetmystery series. She has won two Arthurs, one for Best Novel and one for Best Short Story.

Her latest Ellis Portal mystery, Don’t Forget You Love Me, is available on Amazon.

Her story, “The Bench Rests”, tells the story of a retired judge who must struggle to make a moral choice about timing affecting his nearest and dearest.

mesdames-jane-burfield2-icon SquareJane Burfield won The Bony Pete with the first short story she 51haVs1UYmL__AA160_wrote. Her most recent story, in the Poe tribute anthology, Nevermore, garnered a glowing review.

Her flash story, “Hidden”, tells the story of a woman preoccupied with puzzles…

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