Meet the authors of 13 O’clock!

Mesdames Lynne Murphy1Mme Lynne Murphy is a retired journalist and the co-founder of the Toronto Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Her short crime fiction has been published in several anthologies, including the Mesdames first book, Thirteen.

In 13 O’clock, Lynnes’s story “Being Leda Fox” tell what dire things can happen when you borrow a name tag at a crime writers’ conference….

Find Me AgainSylvia Maultash Warsh

Mme Sylvia Maultash Warsh is the author of critically acclaimed novels and stories. Her novel, Find Me Again, won an Edgar award and her short story in Thirteen, “The Emerald Skull,” was nominated for an Arthur for Best Short Story.

Sylvia is working on an historical novel.

In 13 O’clock, Sylvia spins the tale of a feisty Jewish lady who refuses to believe her ex-husband’s death was accidental. The timing was all wrong in “Life is a Big Headache on a Noisy Street”.

MesdamesBlog5 ThatGoldenSummerFrontCover

Mme Joan is the author of three non-fiction books and over 30 educational publications. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies. Her flash fiction story, “Torch Song for Two Voices” won the national competition held by Polar Expressions and appears in the anthology, That Golden Summer.

In 13 O’clock, Joan goes back in time to describe the dangers faced by learned women in the Middle Ages in the tale, “Thrice the Brinded Cat”.


Ed Piwowarczyk is a veteran journalist and has worked as a copy editor for the National Post, the Toronto Sun, and Harlequin. A lifelong fan of crime fiction, he now has turned his hand to writing. His debut story appeared in the anthology, World Enough and Crime.

The Mesdames thank Ed for his expertise in copy editing the text of the stories in 13 O’clock.

In 13 O’clock, Ed tells a chilling tale about what happens when time passes you by in “Life Lesson”.

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