Meet the authors of 13 O’clock!

Mme Lisa DeNikolits is the award-winning author of five literary novels, all with an element of crime. Her new novel, Between the Cracks she Fell, launches on Sept 30th.

Stay tuned for details of the launch event!

In her story “Troubled Times”, Lisa tells how a beautiful Art Deco watch causes deep trouble for a young woman.

Mme Catherine Dunphy was a leading reporter for the Toronto Star for 25 years. She has written novels for young adults as well as the biography of a highly controversial figure in Canadian history.

Hard at work on a literary novel, she also crafts short crime fiction. In her 13 O’clock story,  “Beat the Clock” her unusual hero must do just that to save a life.

Cheryl FreedmanMme Cheryl Freedman is a mainstay of Canadian crime writing.  She founded and ran our national conference, Bloody Words, and helped create The Bony Blithe Award for light mysteries.

Cheryl works as a respected editor which leaves her little time to write her own work.  We are delighted to have one of her first crime stories, “Mirror, Mirror” as part of 13 O’clock.  In “Mirror, Mirror” two unique sleuths investigate a disappearance in a highly unusual setting….


Mme Rosemary McCracken is the creator of the popular Pat Tierney series of mystery novels, Safe Harbour and Black Water . She has been a finalist for the Unhanged Arthur, Debut Dagger and Derringer awards.

Rosemary is working on the third Pat Tierney novel.

In 13 O’clock, Pat uncovers financial misdeeds in an inheritance in “The Nick of Time”.

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