Lovely in Her Bones, The Bony Blithe Award by Cheryl Freedman

Cheryl Freedman

Cheryl Freedman


That’s Bony Blithe, patron of the eponymously named Bony Blithe Award (known formally as the Bloody Words Light Mystery Award, but try saying that 10 times quickly) “for books that make us smile.”


skeleton w book in hand and books in bg final w shadowThe award includes a plaque featuring Bony Blithe herself with her bony kitty, plus a $1000 cash prize. The award first saw the light of day at the Bloody Words 2012 banquet and has been presented every year since. Bloody Words, the conference, may be just a fond memory, but Bony Blithe and her award live on.

But, you ask, what is a “light mystery”? And why does it need its own award?

Light mysteries can include cozies and capers, gentle humour or laugh-out-loud guffaws. They can have paranormal or romantic elements. They can be set at any time and in any place. What they all have in common, though, is that you, the reader, should walk away feeling entertained…and hopefully with a smile.

Unfortunately, light mysteries like this often tend to be overlooked when awards are being handed out.

Well, not any longer, now that Bony Blithe’s on the scene.

Bony Blithe Award

The Bony Blithe 2016 shortlist will be announced on Thursday, April 14th. Look for the list on the BB Award Website, the BB Facebook page, and of course, here on the Mesdames webpage and Facebook page.

And come to the Bony Blithe Gala in Toronto on Friday, May 27, to cheer on your favourite shortlisted author. To celebrate our fifth year, the gala will include a full day of festivities starting in the morning and culminating with the award dinner in the evening.

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