Authorgraph by Mme. Catherine Astolfo

Catherine Astolfo346e9c_5f68dc08aa5d4f56bde48a3b7b011eaf_jpg_srb_p_299_449_75_22_0_50_1_20_0When my publisher first launched me into space (Internet space that is), I was more than a little out of my element. Before Imajin Books took me on, I was strictly a paperback girl. One of the burning questions I had about e-books was: how do readers get an author’s autograph?
Well, along came Evan Jacobs and his great invention: Authorgraph. Now I am able not only to get the autographs I want, but I can also sign for readers of my books who are halfway across the world.
Below is almost all the information you can possibly want about Authorgraph. Here’s the other thing you need: Go ahead, sign up – it’s FREE.
1. What is an Authorgraph?
It’s a personal, digital inscription for an e-book. It is sent directly from an author to a reader’s digital reading device.
2. What does an Authorgraph look like?
Here is an example
3. Is affiliated with Amazon?
No, is not affiliated with Amazon except that earns an affiliate fee for any books purchased from after clicking on one of the Amazon links on
4. Do readers need to own or buy my book in order to receive an Authorgraph?
No, but readers who request your Authorgraph are very likely to be current or future readers.
5. Do readers need to own a Kindle device to receive an Authorgraph?
No, Authorgraphs are viewable on a wide variety of platforms. Readers can simply enter a regular email address at the time of their request and they will receive an email with links to download a PDF version (viewable in applications like iBooks) or an AZW version (viewable in all Kindle apps on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.) of their Authorgraph.
6. Is the Authorgraph inserted into the e-book?
No, it is a separate document. This allows a reader to create a “collection” where she can keep all of her Authorgraphs together.
7. Do I need to have a Kindle version of my book to sign up for Authorgraph?
Yes. Paperback, hardcover, and audio versions of books aren’t accepted.
8. Does an Authorgraph use my real signature or does it just print my name in a script font?
One of the most distinctive features of is the ability to actually draw your signature. This signing takes place completely in the browser window using a mouse (or your finger if you use a tablet). However, there is also a default option that allows authors to print their name in a script font if they don’t want to use the signing feature.
9. Can Authorgraphs be personalized?
Yes! Every Authorgraph goes only to the specific reader that requested it so an author can write a custom message for each reader. In addition, readers can include a short message to the author in order to provide a bit more context for personalizing the Authorgraph.
10. Is there a cost to send or receive an Authorgraph?
Requesting, sending and receiving Authorgraphs are free! However, if a reader uses Amazon’s Personal Document Service to receive the Authorgraph on his/her Kindle then Amazon may charge a small delivery fee.
PS Evan is always happy to hear about authors’ and readers’ experiences with Authorgraph, so feel free to contact him:

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Mme Joan O’Callaghan: New Book, Maverick Publisher

Joan O'Callaghan

maverick publisher“Maverick Publisher: J. Patrick O’Callaghan; A Life in Newspapers” is the culmination of a labour of love for Pat’s widow, Joan O’Callaghan, a founding member of the Mesdames of Mayhem. Lynne Murphy talked to Joan about her work on the memoir and Pat O’Callaghan’s life.

The launch will be held on November 26th from 7 to 9 Owl’s Nest Books, 815A 49th Avenue, S.W., Calgary, Alberta.


L.M.: First I want to ask about the title. Why the term “maverick”?

Joan: We took the title from a comment by Brian Brennan, a former Calgary Herald journalist, on his blog. He described Pat as a “maverick publisher.” Editor of the book, and former employee of Pat’s at the Windsor Star, Ed Piwowarczyk, thought it was an apt title and I agreed. Pat did not run with the herd. He lived and breathed newspapering and did not hesitate to stand up to government, Southam head office, or anyone whom he felt placed obstacles in the way of an effective and free press. He was something of a pioneer. He was one of the first to appoint women, outside of family-owned newspapers, to senior editorial posts (The Sun used to refer to the “girls who ran the Herald”) and was the first in Canada to convert a large auditorium in the Herald building to a daycare centre for the children of Herald employees. This did not endear him to other publishers who found themselves lobbied by their own employees to follow suit. He also broke the sex-barrier at the Petroleum Club in Calgary, which prior to this, did not accept women as members.

L.M.: Pat was born in Ireland. What brought him to Canada?

Joan: Pat was born in Ireland but grew up in England. He was working at the Liverpool Daily Post when it bought the Red Deer Advocate in 1958. Pat was sent to Red Deer in 1959 as Managing Editor to turn the paper from a weekly to a daily. But before going to Red Deer, he spent six months at the Peterborough Examiner learning about the Canadian newspaper industry. He worked for Robertson Davies!

L.M.: He worked on a number of Canadian newspapers before ending his career at the Calgary Herald.

Joan: Yes, after Red Deer, he went to the Edmonton Journal as Assistant to the Publisher, later to the Windsor Star as Publisher, back to the Edmonton Journal as Publisher, and then to the Calgary Herald as Publisher.

L.M.: Mme. Rosemary McCracken, who was a reporter on the Calgary Herald during Pat’s time there, says he was the best publisher she ever worked for. What made him so good at his job?

Joan: A combination of factors, I’d say. First of all he was a working journalist. Exactly four weeks before he died, he wrote an article that was published in the Globe and Mail. He was one of the last publishers to come up through the editorial stream so he knew what constituted a good newspaper and insisted on putting out as good a product as humanly possible. His battles with Southam’s head office over new presses for the Edmonton Journal nearly cost him his health, but in the end he got them. Reporters and editors respected him for his talent, his skill, and most of all his integrity. Second, he believed in his staff and supported them wholeheartedly but at the same time he wouldn’t put up with nonsense. There was a reporter at the Herald who was just obnoxious – as an example, he had a habit of driving staff cars out onto the prairie until they ran out of gas, then calling the paper, cursing and swearing until someone drove out to get him. Pat fired him.

L.M.: I understand a number of members of the Mesdames have helped you with getting the memoir ready for publication.

Joan: The Mesdames have all been wonderfully supportive and cheering me on. I have to give credit to Rosemary McCracken. I don’t think this day would have come without her invaluable advice, support and encouragement. And I have mentioned Ed Piwowarczyk, and of course, Carrick Publishing.

L.M.: As Pat’s widow, was it difficult for you working on his memoir?

Joan: Actually, no. To the contrary, I enjoyed it. Pat wrote the memoirs with a light touch and a conversational tone. When I sat down at the computer to work on the book, it felt like I was having a visit with him, that he was sitting next to me, telling me his stories. It was very comforting – so much so that once I have the actual print copy in hand, I intend to put it at my bedside where I can dip into it.

L.M.: You are a writer too. What influence has Pat had on your work?

Joan: Pat was wonderfully encouraging! When Scholastic Canada sent me the contract for my first book, Amazing Days, he ran around the house shouting, “Author! Author!” When Scholastic told me that they wanted the manuscript for the second book submitted on disk (this was the mid-nineties), he went out and bought me what was then a state-of-the art computer. He would get excited when we saw my books displayed prominently in bookstores or when Scholastic’s clipping service sent me reviews. I could not have asked for a more wonderful life partner. He made me believe that I could be whatever I wanted to be!

L.M.: Thank you, Joan. We look forward to reading Pat’s memoir.

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lynne Today’s blog by Mme Lynne Murphy.

13 O'Clock Launch Website1Our new anthology, Thirteen O’clock, was  launched to enthusiastic applause on Sunday, October 25th and the Mesdames are back at work, appearing at libraries, launches and giving workshops.

cover4On Sunday, November 8th, Mesdames Melodie Campbell, Catherine Dunphy, Rosemary McCracken, Lynne Murphy and Joan O’Callaghan will be at the Guelph Public Library, 100 Norfolk St., from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. to talk about Thirteen O’clock  and the writing life.


41KYdKTrX8L__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Mme. Campbell will also be at the Erin Public Library, 14 Boland Drive in Erin, on Saturday, November 14th at 10:00 a.m. Her new book, A Killer Necklace, co-written with Cynthia St. Pierre, launched in October.



Mme. M.H. Callway is giving a series of workshops on “How to Get Published” by sharing the publication journey of her debut novel, Windigo Fire. Dates are:  November 12th at 2:30 p.m at the Sherwood Library at 467 Upper Ottawa St.,  Hamilton; November 23d at 5:00 p.m., at the Barbara Frum Library, 30 Covington Rd., Toronto; and November 24th, 6:30 p.m. at the Agincourt Library. 155 Bonis Ave., in Agincourt.


On Tuesday, November 17th,  Mme. Lisa de Nikolitis will be a special guest when Sheryl Gordon launches her book, “A Rewording Life”, in Toronto. Sheryl invited Canadian authors, including the Mesdames,  to choose a word and write a sentence.  The book is a tribute to Sheryl’s mother who had Alzheimer’s and the launch is to raise funds for the disease.Other special guests are Luke Nicholson, Terry Fallis and Dalton Higgins.  Lisa’s chosen word was “damask”. This event is by invitation due to space limitations.

Lisa also will be taking part in another Noir at the Bar evening on November 30th. Details to come. Her latest novel, Between the Cracks She Fell, is receiving great reviews!



And since all work and no play is bad for us, many of the Mesdames will be joining fellow Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime at their joint holiday party on Tuesday, December 8th at Paupers’ Pub in Toronto. See you there.

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13 O’Clock launches at the Sleuth of Baker Street bookstore!

13 O'Clock Launch Website0

Thirteen O’clock is now available in print form at Sleuth of Baker Street and online at
13 O'Clock Launch Website1

The Mesdames of Mayhem launched the print edition of their newest anthology, Thirteen O’clock, on Sunday, October 25th at Sleuth of Baker Street. All the Mesdames were there to read tantalizing excerpts from their stories and sign copies of the book.
13 O'Clock Launch Website2

M.H. (Madeleine) Callway, the founder of the group, welcomed everyone and thanked Marian Misters and J.D. Singh for, once again, opening their doors to us and to our relatives, friends and fans. The Mesdames set out an amazing selection of food and drink for our guests. Ted Carrick, a talented young musician, son of our publishers Alex and Donna Carrick, provided background music on his guitar.
13 O'Clock Launch Website3

The theme of the book is “time” but the fourteen writers have interpreted it in many different ways. Joan O’Callaghan’s tale of suspected witchcraft, “Thrice the Brinded Cat”, is set during the Middle Ages. Sylvia Maultash Warsh evokes 1970s Toronto in “Life is a Big Headache”. Ed Piwowarczyk , our token monsieur, is definitely writing about the present in “Life Lesson”, where the need to cut jobs creates a deadly rivalry. Melodie Campbell provides a glimpse into the future in “The Test of Time”. And Cheryl Freedman takes us to a very warped fairy tale land in “Mirror, Mirror.”

13 O'Clock Launch Website4-B

Other stories hinge on time running out. Rosemary McCracken’s Pat Tierney must act quickly to save a life in “Nick of Time.” In Catherine Dunphy’s “Beat the Clock”, a life is also on the line. M.H. Callway’s heroine in “Glow Grass” comes to realize that she may have very little time left. And Jane Burfield, in the story “Hidden”, uses just over 300 words to get us inside the mind of a woman, waiting for a decision.

13 O'Clock Launch Website5

Time passes and people change with age. Rosemary Aubert, in “The Bench Rests” and Lynne Murphy in “Being Leda Fox” write about memories, affected by time. Memories that haunt and drive people to crime is a theme in Donna Carrick’s ”The 14th of Forever.” And Catherine Astolfo’s senior protagonist in “Pulling a Rabbit” has just got tougher with age. In “Troubled Times” by Lisa de Nikolits a young woman realizes how her family’s dark past influences the present.
13 O'Clock Launch Website6







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Summer is over, alas, and the Mesdames are back to a busy schedule of public appearances and launches.

41KYdKTrX8L__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_On Saturday, October 17th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Mme. Melodie Campbell and co-author Cynthia St. Pierre will entertain at a cyber launch party for their new novel in the Fascination with Mystery series, A Killer Necklace. This will be The World’s First Simultaneous Google and Facebook Launch Party! Drop by and join in the festivities. There will be prizes.

cover4Sunday, October 25th, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. The Mesdames will be hosting the print launch party for 13 O’clock, our new anthology, at Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore, 907 Millwood Road. Families, friends and fans are all invited. There will be readings, refreshments and , of course, copies of The Book for sale. Come in Halloween costume to add to the atmosphere.

Want to meet the Mesdames at your neighbourhood library and other venues or catch them on the air this month?

Thursday, October 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Mount Pleasant Branch, Toronto Public Library, 599 Mount Pleasant Road meet Mmes. M.H. Callway, D.J. McIntosh, Rosemary McCracken and Lisa De Nikolits.

86651d0f9779f871e259679e38149042_5bi5Dorothy McIntosh - The Angel of Eden COVER

MesdamesBlog5 ThatGoldenSummerFrontCoverTuesday, October 20th from 6:30 to 8:00 Brentwood Branch, Toronto Public Library, 36 Brentwood Road North, meet Mmes. Joan O’Callaghan, D.J. McIntosh and Catherine Dunphy.

Wednesday, October 21st at 2:00 p.m. hear Mme. M.H. Callway interviewed on Sirius XM Radio.

346e9c_5f68dc08aa5d4f56bde48a3b7b011eaf_jpg_srb_p_299_449_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Booked TroubleThursday, October 22nd at 7 p.m., Turner Park Branch of the Hamilton Public Library, 352 Rymal Road East, Hamilton, meet Mmes. Melodie Campbell, Vicki Delany, Catherine Astolfo and M.H. Callway.

Tuesday, October 27th at 8:15, Mmes. Joan O’Callaghan, Sylvia Warsh and D.J. McIntosh will be guests of the National Council of Jewish Women (private event).

And, to set the mood for Halloween, on Friday, October 30th,, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Mmes. Catherine Astolfo , Melodie Campbell and our friend, Janet Bolin will read spooky and mysterious tales at the Main Gallery of the Beaux-Arts Brampton , 74 Main Street North in Brampton.

Keep following us. We already have an exciting schedule planned for November.

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13 O’Clock Launch Party – Oct. 25, 2pm, Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore

Hope to see you there!

Source: 13 O’Clock Launch Party – Oct. 25, 2pm, Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore

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13 O’Clock Launch Party – Oct. 25, 2pm, Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore

Hope to see you there!
13 O'Clock Launch Invitation

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Print Launch Party 13 O’clock

cover4The Mesdames of Mayhem are delighted to announce the print edition of their second anthology, 13 O’clock.

Join us at our launch party, Sunday, October 25th from 2 to 4 pm at our favorite bookstore, Sleuth of Baker Street, 907 Millwood Road, Toronto.

Authors will read from their stories. Refreshments will be served!

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nEvermore! — a Tribute to Poe

Mme Rosemary McCracken interviews Mme Caro Soles and her partner-in-crime, Nancy Kilpatrick, about their new book, nEvermore!, a tribute anthology to Edgar Allen Poe.

They financed the book using crowd sourcing: innovative and courageous!  Several best-selling authors contributed to the book, including Margaret Atwood.

We’re also proud to point out that Mme Jane Burfield’s gothic story in the collection was singled out for critical praise!

Click the link below to go to Rosemary’s blog for the full interview.

Source: nEvermore! — a Tribute to Poe

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Several Mesdames of Mayhem events this week!

Tuesday, September 29th, 6:30 to 8 pm, Mme M. H. Callway joins fellow crime writers Rob Brunet, Sharon Crawford and Karen Shenfeld reading at the Runnymede Library, 2178 Bloor St. West.

And DOUBLE HEADER on Wednesday, September 30th.

Mme Lisa de Nikolits celebrates the release of her terrific thriller, Between the Cracks She Fell.

And Mesdames Catherine Astolfo, M. H. Callway, Rosemary McCracken and Joan O’Callaghan entertain readers at the Oshawa Public Library, 65 Bagot Street, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

346e9c_5f68dc08aa5d4f56bde48a3b7b011eaf_jpg_srb_p_299_449_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 11745683_10207315547467633_2085409939034481613_n

MesdamesBlog5 ThatGoldenSummerFrontCovercover4

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